Selecting a sorority


On Monday, Sept. 13, Formal Recruitment began with an orientation night to welcome new students who were interested in joining a Panhellenic sorority.

President of the Panhellenic Council Jillian Reuter said Formal Recruitment takes place every fall semester and makes it possible for girls to meet each of the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) member sororities on SVSU’s campus.

“I personally think that Greek life helps students in similar ways that any other Registered Student Organization does,” she said. “It gives you a place to belong, a family to lean on, and endless leadership opportunities.”

In order to join Alpha Sigma Alpha, Kappa Tau Epsilon, or Phi Sigma Sigma, sorority hopefuls must attend one orientation and all recruitment events.

Many of SVSU’s fraternities have also been active recently. However, their recruitment is done differently with each fraternity, which makes one weekend devoted solely to recruiting less necessary.

SVSU’s social fraternities include Alpha Kappa Lambda, Phi Kappa Tau, Tau Kappa Epsilon and Sigma Pi.

Fraternities hold fun events to get attention and to showcase what each fraternity does and stands for.

Recruitment chair of Alpha Kappa Lambda Wyatt Meese said fraternities give amazing opportunities and act as great social networks.

“They provide social connections and professional connections,” he said. “They teach you to be apart of a group and to work with a team. It builds into a man and builds character.”

Some of the recent events included Alpha Kappa Lambda hosting a glow soccer game, Phi Kappa Tau hosting a flag football event and Tau Kappa Epsilon hosting a bubble soccer game.

ASA Chair Kayla Sinadinos said students learned about the sororities they were interested in at the Red Pride Picnic and Cards Party that happened before the weekend of the 23rd.

“This weekend is a three-day recruitment where we have a Sisterhood Day, Philanthropic Day, and then a Bid Day where each girl finally gets their bid and finds their forever home,” she said.

Each sorority has a bid theme, Sinadinos said, and students dress the part.

“ASA is Under the Sea, Phi Sigma Sigma is New Bids on the Block and KTE is birthday-themed, so each sorority gets themed shirts and dresses up,” she said. “It’s a blast.”

Orientation Night was on Sept. 13 and 14 in the Alumni Lounge and was followed by Sisterhood Night on Sept. 23, Philanthropy Night on Sept. 24, Preference Day on Sept. 24 and Bid Day on Sept. 25.

On Bid Day, sororities offered invitations to hopefuls to join a Panhellenic Sorority, and once invited, students spent the day with their new sorority sisters.

Sinadinos said ASA added 17 new members at the event.

“Bid Day is a blast,” she said. “I love it. And we got a lot of girls, so that’s great.”

During the event, Sinadinos noted that the group would spend the remainder of the day learning about each other.

“After the bid day reveals we’re going back and we’re going to have a mixer with our new girls,” she said. “We’re just going to play a bunch of ice breakers and get to know our girls better and eat some tacos and have a good time.”

New ASA member Monica LeDuc said she was very excited about joining ASA and was most looking forward to meeting new friends through the sorority.

“I’m very excited about joining ASA,” she said. “I love it.”

As PSS member Hannah Doederlein walked away from the initial bid day reveal alongside both new and returning members, she excitedly remarked the “Bid day is like Christmas.”

PSS Recruitment Chair Nancy Haddad said Go Greek is unable to promote their individual sororities, so the recruitment process helps students with the process.

“We are more than excited to welcome over 90 girls to our events this weekend and cannot begin to express how glad we all are the Greek Life is expanding on SVSU’s campus,” she said. “We love Greek Life, we love our organizations, but most importantly, we love Saginaw Valley State University.”