AG Schuette visits for meet and greet


Michigan Attorney General and Republican candidate for governor of Michigan Bill Schuette met with SVSU students and community members on Friday, Feb. 16, in Gilbertson Hall at 5 p.m.

After a general meet and greet with attendees, Schuette gave a short speech.

“We’re going to win at the governor’s house in 2018 because we have a strong team and because of the vision and philosophy that we have to go forward,” Schuette said. “What we’re trying to do is make sure that, across the state of Michigan, we talk about the importance of big aspirations and big hopes and big dreams for Michigan’s futures.”

Schuette said that Michigan needs help to reach its full potential.

“After the disastrous governorship of Jennifer Granholm, we were on the mat,” Schuette said. “If you look at our health care situation, we were on life support. We were in the emergency room. Under the high taxes and high regulations of Granholm, we lost jobs, we lost wages, we lost spirit and we lost population. A million people left our state.”

Schuette believes he has the traits needed to win the election and bring those jobs and people back to Michigan.

“You have to have an independent candidate who has a record of accomplishment,” Schuette said. “I have that as Attorney General. I led the charge to make sure we prosecuted these predators and creeps who are serial rapists, I delivered the funding to make sure that we had more attorneys and to prosecute rapists.”

Schuette was also involved in the prosecution of Michigan State University’s Larry Nassar.

“I made sure our department attorney general prosecuted him, and now he’ll be behind bars for the rest of his life,” Schuette said. “This really sends a message that this will not be tolerated in the state of Michigan.”

Schuette believes that he can help Michigan gain jobs again.

After the speech, Schuette explained why he chose to visit SVSU.

“It’s local, and I’m a local guy, so it’s nice to be able to thank the leadership here at SVSU and express my appreciation,” Schuette said.

He also hopes that students realize the role they can play in the upcoming elections.

“College students’ vote and participation, their commitment and their energy can be part of this campaign,” Schuette said. “I hope (students) understand my enthusiasm, my energy, my drive, my commitment to win so that Michigan wins again. I hope that we can have more and more people involved and engaged here at SVSU.”

Schuette’s campaign message, he believes, is especially important for Michigan’s youth.

“I am a believer in our state and that Michigan needs to be a growth state, a job state, a paycheck state,” Schuette said. “If anyone has more at stake in the future, it’s students here at SVSU and across the state of Michigan. The decisions we make on jobs, on better-paying jobs, on building our population – no one has more at stake, and no one has greater interest than people who are in college at Michigan.”

Schuette wants college graduates to stay in-state.

“I want this state to be a place where, when you graduate, there’s opportunities for jobs because this is a growing state,” Schuette said. “I want this to be a state where people start their own businesses.”

Students in attendance were impressed with Schuette’s message, including political science sophomore Lucy Cornwell.

“I’m an SVSU College Republican, and I thought it would be cool to meet who could be our future governor,” Cornwell said.

Delta College sophomore Jeremiah Ward also enjoyed the speech.

“I came out because I support Bill, I enjoy talking to him and seeing him,” Ward said. “I look forward to voting for him in August, and then November, to make him Michigan’s jobs governor and build off of Governor Rick Synder’s legacy and improve upon things that still need to be improved.”