Alumni share social media success


Two SVSU alumni talked about their success in business management Wednesday, Oct. 18, in Curtiss Hall.

Andy Rexford earned his degree in business management and his brother Joey Rexford earned his in communication, both graduated in 2015. Now, as co-founders, they both run “AMP Social,” which is a social media-influencing platform that creates and helps distribute content and creativity to clients.

The Rexfords are also the owners of the popular Twitter page @CollegeStudent, which currently has 1.4 million followers.

“Young people make the best entrepreneurs,” Andy said.

The duo started planning their business ideas and earned $75,000 for their business from an investor while they were still in college; they also ran their Twitter page during that time. AMP Social’s first client was the popular fast-food restaurant Jack in the Box. Their next milestone goal is to earn $1.4 million in revenue. During their presentation, they gave some tips on business management and entrepreneurship:

“Idea’s mean nothing,” Joey said. “Execution means everything.”

Andy expanded on his brother’s point.

“Money should be the result of reaching your goal,” Andy said. “Separate the logic from the emotion.”

The Rexford brothers also discussed what they miss most about SVSU.

“I really miss the community, the beautiful campus, and the carefree days,” Andy said.

Joey added that one of his favorite aspects of the university is that if students take the time to reach out to other students or alumni at SVSU, they will always be willing to help.

Currently, the Rexford brothers are focusing on expanding the social media platforms that they own. They plan to stay in the Detroit area because they love Michigan and want to build up the infrastructure of their business.

They also gave some final advice about business and life in general.

“Find successful people in the sector you want to go to,” Andy said.

Joey encouraged students to leave their comfort zones and not be afraid to fail.

“Fail, and fail quickly,” he said. “How you view failure is what really matters.”

SVSU junior Ra’ven Miller, a political science major, attended the event to find out how the brothers balanced work as students.

“I knew Joey through Student Association,” Miller said. “I heard about AMP Social and their Twitter page and wanted to learn more.”

Many other business students were in attendance, such as senior Lauren Kreiss, the current president of SVSU’s Student Association.

“I know Joey since he is a former SA president,” Kreiss said. “I came to see how to run a company, one that I could relate to.”