American society lacks empathy for the suffering of others


I believe that the society we live in causes us to lack empathy and kindness. I see it everywhere, whether it’s in the news, on social media or in real life. So many people are so wrapped up in themselves that they don’t even think to consider others. Perhaps this has always been the case, but I do not believe that society must continue being so apathetic.

I see people constantly bullying others for trivial things like their looks. Why should it matter what someone looks like? It doesn’t change their moral character.

Someone being overweight, having tattoos, bright hair or dressing differently doesn’t make them a bad person, and it doesn’t mean they should be made fun of. It’s just unnecessary bitterness. It does not take any extra effort to just be polite and mind your business.

Recently, I have even found disturbing social media posts that make fun of the teens who survived the Parkland shooting for protesting. I really don’t know how you can stoop so low as to laugh at something like that. If you want to have a debate about school shootings or gun control policies, then talk like a civilized adult instead of sharing childish memes or name calling.

Sometimes, I see men with signs against sexual violence that say things like “She’s someone’s sister/daughter/mother/girlfriend.” While it’s great they’re trying to take a stand, shouldn’t we care simply because she’s a person? Shouldn’t we be upset about sexual violence even if it happens to women that aren’t related to us?

Similarly, there are people in our country right now that are dying because they can’t afford medical treatment, and it’s just seen as normal. Even if it is not ourselves or our loved ones who cannot afford medical treatment, we should still care that others are suffering.

As Americans, we tend to turn a blind eye to the suffering of others, and we only wake up to it once it affects us. We judge other people for no reason simply because we were taught to. This behavior is cruel and unnecessary.

We should try to be more caring. Try to catch yourself every time you make an unneeded negative remark. Engage in real debates and double check if what you’re saying or posting is actually productive. Educate yourself on issues so you can find ways to fix them.

If we want to live in a better world, we have to create it ourselves, and I’m urging you to join me in trying.