Area 22 Special Olympics to receive $25,185 from BOV annual fundraiser


Battle of the Valleys entered its 11th year, but Saginaw Valley defeated rival Grand Valley for the sixth consecutive year in the annual fundraising competition.

The fundraising spanned more than six days, beginning at noon Sunday, Nov. 10 and ended Friday, Nov. 15, at 11:59 pm. Throughout the week, a different day brought a different fund raising measure.

All of SVSU’s $25,185 proceeds from the week will be donated to the Area 22 Special Olympics.

According to fifth-year student Zachary Eick, the decision to donate to them was nearly unanimous among the selection committee.

“One of the reasons the selection committee chose Area 22 Special Olympics is because they’re already here, they’re already making a difference for students and we just want to help with that effort even more,” Eick said.

GVSU raised $11,137, which is tenfold its amount from last year.

Sunday kick-started the fundraising efforts for the week with a kickoff party in the Thompson Student Activities Room.

On Monday, students participating in Greek Night played carnival type games. The games included throwing a football through a hole, a raffle and the card game Speed. A euchre tournament took place during Greek night, bringing in

roughly $85 towards the cause.

Tuesday consisted of a Special Olympics Basketball Game between varsity basketball players and individuals involved in the Special Olympics. The event took place in the Ryder Center.

Wednesday consisted of a “date auction” where individuals got auctioned off to the highest bidder for a potential date. Resident assistants were auctioned off in the beginning of the event, followed by other individuals who signed up. The event took place between 8 p.m. and 12 a.m.

Thursday was a fundraiser event at Stardust Lanes on Bay Road.

Throughout the week, students were also able to take part in a car smash fundraiser where students paid a dollar to take a sledgehammer and hit a car painted with Grand Valley logos and colors. This effort alone raised $173 towards the end amount.

In particular, Eick credits the student body for the continual success of Battle of the Valleys.

“We have a great student turnout. We also have a lot of students willing to help out. Without students helping and coming together and being one unit to bring Battle of the Valleys together, it wouldn’t be Battle of the Valleys,” Eick said.