Associate professor of mathematics, Nedeva, passes away at 44


Associate professor of mathematics Todorka “Dora” Nedeva died unexpectedly Monday, Sept. 19.

Nedeva joined SVSU in 2005, the same year as current department chair, Tony Crachiola.

“Dora was a kind and giving person,” Crachiola said. “She was a strong role model to many students, particularly many math majors, who regularly sought her advice and kept in touch after graduation.”

Nedeva’s passing was completely unexpected, Crachiola said. About noon Friday, Sept. 16, Nedeva had an unpredictable medical incident that is difficult to survive from.

“She was a brilliant person and very giving of her time,” Crachiola said. “She had many close friends in and outside the math department.”

Nedeva grew up in Bulgaria before coming to the U.S. for graduate school at the University of Kentucky.

“She had many stories to tell of her experiences, which she shared with friends and students,” Crachiola said.

She enjoyed many hobbies with her friends including tennis, skiing, cooking, gardening and others.

The tennis court was where Nedeva met current SVSU women’s tennis coach Jennifer Boehm.

The two met a decade ago at the Greater Midland Tennis Center, where Boehm was a tennis professional and led the countless cardio-tennis classes that Nedeva attended.

Most recently, Nedeva had been participating in Boehm’s cardio-tennis classes on SVSU’s campus. She attended a class 24 hours before her medical incident Friday.

“She came to countless cardio-tennis classes, and upon learning that I was teaching it on campus this fall, she immediately committed for the whole session,” Boehm said.

Their friendship continued to develop off the tennis court as well.

“In addition to her kind and giving spirit, Dora was such a loyal and dependable person,” Boehm said. “Dora was also a supporter of the SVSU women’s tennis team. She taught a class of one of our current athletes (Izabella Ismailova), who is extremely grateful for their relationship as they have continued to keep in touch the past couple of years.”

Nedeva was active with students both in the classroom and outside it. She regularly coached SVSU students in the annual Putnam mathematics competition.

“It is a notoriously difficult exam, and many students here got to know Dora through her training sessions,” Crachiola said.

During the 2016 fall semester, Nedeva was teaching finite math, intro math analysis and calculus I.

Nedeva was 44 years old.

“I feel fortunate to have known her, and she will be greatly missed,” Boehm said.