Battle of the Valleys to return


A new school year brings another Battle of the Valleys (BOV). This year, SVSU’s chosen charity is The Barb Smith Suicide Resource and Response Center.

The mission of the Response Center is to educate and raise awareness about suicide and ways to prevent it.
The Center offers awareness training and partners with SVSU’s College of Nursing and CMU’s College of Medicine to train professionals on how to properly handle situations involving suicide.

“Barb Smith’s Resource and Response Network works tirelessly to educate about the warning signs and risk factors of suicide and fight to reduce the stigma of suicide,” said Cheyenne Wilton, the Student Association (SA) philanthropy chair. “Overall, (the Response Center) inspires hope in those struggling with suicidal thoughts and the family and friends who have lost someone to suicide.”

Wilton said the organization was chosen because of its importance, heart and the relevance of suicide being one of the leading causes of death of college students.

“So many people, especially college students, are affected by suicide, and we felt that supporting this organization could rally our campus to help support this cause as well as spread education on the topic,” said Caitlin Coulter, the SA president.

Fundraising will be completed through collaborations with other organizations on campus, daily events throughout the week of BOV to encourage student participation, sales of merchandise such as custom t-shirts and giving students the opportunity to donate toward something that can help make a difference in their community.

During BOV week, some new events will be introduced, as well as improvements and modifications of events that have been done in previous years.

The money raised from BOV will help the Response Center further spread awareness by helping fund more trainings in the Saginaw Bay Area as well as throughout the state.