Cards Party shows local opportunities


Cards Party, one of SVSU’s largest annual events where businesses, non-profits and RSOs inform students about their organiza­tions, took place Wednesday, Sept. 12.

The event was attended by 119 organiza­tions from SVSU and around the Saginaw area.

Organizations and local businesses had the opportunity to promote their group or firm while giving students a chance to ex­plore opportunities for involvement locally. Organizations that attended included Greek life, interest clubs, professional associations and university affiliates. Local businesses involved included Jet’s Pizza, Jimmy John’s and several banks.

Students attending had a chance to enter door prize raffles before receiving informa­tion on how to get involved on campus and gave away t-shirts, candy and other branded

swag. in the greater Tri-City area. Organizations gave away t-shirts, candy and other branded swag.

Many organizations had games set up to play for the chance to win prizes alongside their handouts and other promotional materials for students to learn more about their organizations.

“We got a lot of interest and signatures for our email list by having a table at Cards Party,” said Sarah Hahn, a member of SVSU’s chapter of the coed community service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega. “It was a really great

opportunity for recruitment, and it seemed to spark a lot of interest in APO.” While turnout for the event remained

large, it seemed to be smaller than last year’s turnout of about 1,400 students, according to one organization president.

“We had some people stop at our table,” said Brandi Reiser, the president of SVSU’s social media writing RSO, The Odyssey. “I think that this year, the turnout and popularity of our table was down from last year. I would have loved to have seen more people stop at The Odyssey’s table this year and been more interested in who we are as an organization and what we do. I would have loved to have been able to see 60 or more people stop at my table rather than the roughly 25 that we saw at our table.”