Career Services fair to showcase summer job and internship opportunities


To help prepare students for the summer, Career Services is hosting the annual Summer Job and Internship Fair on Tuesday, Jan. 30, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Curtiss Hall Banquet Rooms.

Over 100 employers are expected to attend, with 40 to 50 new employers in comparison to the previous year.

“If you compare that to two or three years ago, we’re up 40 percent in terms of the number of employers that are attending,” said Tom Barnikow, assistant director of Career Services. “In fact, the fair has outgrown the space we used to have. It used to be in Student Life, but after last year’s fair, we realized that we have outgrown the space. With as many employers that are looking for help, we’ve had to move the fair to the banquet rooms.”

Barnikow also said that the increased number of employers indicates that the value of an SVSU education is gaining more recognition.
While all students are encouraged to attend, the Summer Job and Internship Fair is geared toward preparing underclassmen for their future careers.

“The Summer Job and Internship Fair is more focused on current students specifically,” Barnikow said. “Our other employment fairs touch both current students and alums, and this one is more for current students in terms of finding themselves opportunities for both internships and summer jobs coming up in the near future.”

The Summer Job and Internship Fair allows students to explore opportunities and seek out new ones.

“This is an exploratory opportunity for underclassmen to see what is available and what’s out there,” Barnikow said. “This gives students the opportunity to see what they would like to do with their degree, and maybe what they wouldn’t like to do with their degree, and it saves them the headache of uncertainty when it comes time to graduate.”

All students are encouraged to attend to present themselves to employers, gain one-on-one experience with hiring managers and making themselves marketable to employers.

“We recommend students do more than one co-op or internship, because the more experience you can get in different areas, the more attractive you are going to be to a hiring manager,” Barnikow said. “This fair is important because you can connect with a lot of different employers and a lot of different options as to where you want to take your degree.”