Construction done over winter break


Construction projects in both the Ryder Center and Arbury Fine Arts Center took place during winter break.

Mike Pazdro, the senior project manager of Facilities Planning and Construction, oversaw construction in both facilities that began Dec. 18.

Several miscellaneous projects were completed in Arbury with the main project being the change in flooring.

“In Arbury, we removed the VCT flooring in the corridor on the first floor and A120 classroom, which allowed us to polish the concrete floor,” Pazdro said. “We also had custom-made lockers and display cases made, which were highlighted by track lighting.”

Renovations to the lockers and display cases of Arbury will allow students to store and showcase their work with ease.

“The lockers were replaced due to the inadequate sizing of the old metal ones to house student projects,” Pazdro said. “The new lockers were specifically made to accommodate students’ work. The students will be able to store their projects securely in the correctly sized lockers from day to day. The new display cases will also allow students to display their projects in a better setting.”

The practical change of Arbury’s flooring will give the space a more cohesive look.

“The flooring matches what was done in prior years in the Arbury addition and the ceramics room,” Pazdro said. “The polished concrete floor is much easier to clean compared to the VCT floor, and it requires less time and cleaning products to maintain it.”

In the Ryder Center, work was done on the lighting and the ceiling.

“In the Ryder, we replaced all of the lighting in the racquetball courts and auxiliary gym,” Pazdro said. “We also patched the ceiling in spots where fire sprinkler heads were replaced last year.”

The projects in the Ryder Center were completed out of necessity and convenience, Pazdro said.

“In the Ryder, we had to do ceiling patching anyway from when the fire sprinkler heads were replaced,” Pazdro said. “We knew the lighting was inefficient and decided if the scaffolding was going to be in there for the ceiling work, we would try and get the lighting updated also.”

Electrical work done in the auxiliary gym will provide a better experience for patrons of the Ryder Center.

“The auxiliary gym now has a dimmer for the lights,” Pazdro said. “Additional electrical outlets were also added to accommodate the many classes that use the space.”

Pazdro said changes to lighting in the racquetball courts will also have a positive impact on patrons.

“In the racquetball courts, we installed timer switches by the doors which are preset to stay on for an hour once the switch is pressed,” Pazdro said. “Before, the lights had to be turned on at the front desk, and they remained on until the building closed. Now they will only be on when people use the courts.”

Both the Arbury and Ryder Center construction projects were set to be completed before today.