Econ Club to bring in local financial advisor


SVSU’s Economics Club will host guest speaker Tom Braley in the Roberta Allen Reading Room on April 17 at 6 p.m.

Braley is a financial advisor for Wells Fargo and will be speaking about “Money Management Strategies and Principles of Investing.”

Braley earned his undergraduate degree at SVSU and serves as the chair of the Board of Fellows. Members of the Economics Club felt Braley’s involvement with the university and positive reputation made him an obvious choice to be a keynote speaker.

“We wanted to bring someone who would be able to relate to students at a college level and someone who would be proficient at it,” said Economics Club president Aranya Biswas. “Tom will be talking about how students can start saving up while in college and start investing their money efficiently, which is a really important topic for students to start thinking about.”

Biswas hopes that the event helps college students learn about how to better their financial situation.

“Finances seem to be a troublesome topic for college students,” Biswas said. “They have to maximize their limited funds, and most of us pay for college and rack up thousands of dollars in student debt. Given this dire situation, we need to be equipped with sound financial advice from a professional and start thinking about how to utilize the money we have. Saginaw Valley students can get a lot out of it. At the least, they can start thinking about personal financial budgeting.”

Overall, Biswas hopes the event exposes students to the concepts of economics, and helps them realize the roles economics plays in their everyday lives.

“Econ Club is always trying to introduce students throughout the university to economics,” Biswas said. “Economics has a lot of stigma attached to it; like either it is too complex or difficult, or it has to do with banking. But economics has applications everywhere, and we want to expose our students to that.”

The event will be open to all students willing to participate, and pizza and refreshments will be provided.

“We want everyone who wants to come to attend,” Biswas said. “Finances are something that affect us all, especially as college students. With the help of this speaker, students will learn how to be proactive about their financial situation because ultimately, you can never know too much about managing money.”