Flood Watch: Trae Young the next Steph?


Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Reggie Miller, Dirk Nowitzki; the list goes on. While some folks’ list of greatest shooter in NBA history may differ, the top dog is usually a constant: Steph Curry. Steph has showcased shooting prowess never before seen, setting records like three-pointers in a season, in a game and in Warrior’s history. Yeah, pretty impressive.

While we’re lucky enough to be watching the greatest shooter ever play his game, the people are starting to keep an eye on Oklahoma guard Trae Young, thinking he might have a legitimate shot at surpassing Curry.

Trae Young has been having an unbelievable season in the NCAA, and he’s led Oklahoma to be a contending force in all of Division I basketball.

Entering Saturday’s game against Texas, Young was averaging over 30 points and 9.5 assists per game. Yeah, that’s right, he’s half an assist away from averaging a double-double with over 30 points. Crazy. He’s had four games in which he’s scored over 40 points, while the rest of Division I has seen only 13 players whose season high is over 40 points. His season high, on the other hand, sits at 48 points, good for second highest in all the land. Only Kendrick Nunn from Oakland shoots more threes per game, and Young still beats him out on three-point field goal percentage.

How does that stack up against Steph when he was at Davidson? Well, Young is averaging .2 points per game more than Steph was, as well as more than three more assists per game, when compared to Steph’s junior year. In career stats, Young is averaging five points per game more than Steph, and only .3 percent less on his three-point shooting percentage than the NBA star.

But when it comes to Young, it’s so much more than the numbers. When we look at his three-point stats, that’s not a guard taking a wide-open look with his toes scaring the three-point line. He’s getting these shots off – and in – from on-the-run, off-the-dribble style shots from crazy-long distances, which makes his three-point stats so much more impressive.

All this isn’t even to mention his passing game. 9.5 assists per game? Yeah, that’s the best in all the land. His 200 assists on the season come in second place behind Emmett Naar from St. Mary’s, but Naar has played three more games than Young. Naar’s 9.1 assists per game is second to Young’s, while the next highest average is nearly two assists per game less than Young’s 9.5.

So will Trae Young be the next best shooter in NBA history? Couldn’t tell you. Is he going to be a dominate force in the NBA? Yeah, I don’t know that either. But what I do know is Trae Young is doing things no other college basketball player has done before, and that could turn into something very special in the future.

Oh yeah, do I need to remind you that he’s just a freshman?