Football prepares with annual Spring Game


The SVSU football team held its annual Spring Game on Saturday, April 7, despite a cold weekend filled with inclement weather.

The game took on a bit of a unique format, broken down into quarters with each quarter taking the form of a different type of scrimmage.

The first quarter consisted of a red zone scrimmage, in which 12 minutes were put on the game clock and the offense started from the opposing 25-yard line.

In the second quarter, the offense began its drives on its own 35-yard line.

Following a 12-minute third quarter of seven-on-seven-style play, the fourth quarter mirrored the second in format. The spring game concluded with a two-minute drill, with the offense simulating being down four points with two minutes remaining in the game.

Following the game, head coach Jim Collins and senior linebacker Michael Alexander shared their thoughts on the game and the team moving forward.

Head Coach Jim Collins

Q: What were your overall thoughts on Saturday’s spring game?

I thought we had great enthusiasm. I saw a lot of great plays but also a lot of things to work on and improve and clean up. It was the first time all spring that we’ve had officials, so it was good to see some of those little things stall some drives and for our guys to figure out and learn from it. But overall, the guys came out and had fun (Saturday) and got a lot of work done.

Q: How key is an event like this for some of your younger guys that maybe redshirted and some of the new transfers?

JC: It’s really key. It’s their first chance to do it for real in front of fans, and we had a great turnout (Saturday). It was a great chance for us as coaches to evaluate because we had a lot of guys on the field that were doing it for real for the first time, so that was a key. The other big thing was our older guys, our veterans, really being almost like coaches (on Saturday) and helping those young guys out.”

Senior Michael Alexander

Q: What were your overall thoughts on Saturday’s spring game?

It’s always a great day to have a spring game. (Saturday) we found out that we have a lot of young playmakers that can step up. We haven’t really gone live that many times, and this was the first time we’ve had officials out here. It was a good indicator of how we’re going to lead into the summer and to the fall and really see how we stack up in August when we open up with Alderson Broaddus.

Q: What’s it like to cap the spring off with something where you can get out on the field and play something at full game speed?

It’s just really exciting; we don’t get that many opportunities to do this. Right now, it’s just really good to get a little motivation going into the summer, a little taste of what it’s going to be like in the fall. We found out a lot of our weaknesses but also where our strengths are, so it’s just really exciting and it’s a big motivation for a lot of guys.