‘Infinity War’ to be historic film event


After a decade and 18 films of action-packed, superhero extravaganzas, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is finally reaching the end of its initial “run” of stories.

To say that the hype around “Avengers: Infinity War” is monumental would understate the genius behind what Disney and Marvel Studios have created since Robert Downey Jr. donned the Iron Man mask back in 2008.

As I’m sure many of you already know, the first official trailer for the film dropped this past week, and, oh man, is it packed. It boasts a spectrum of tiny moments and epic spectacles that delivered just the right amount of tension, excitement, humor and drama without giving too much away about the fate of our heroes. We see enough to know that a big purple alien wants to destroy half of the universe with some magic stones that have popped up sporadically throughout the films.

The setup for this was well-executed, and Marvel’s 10-year plan began to find its stride about half-way through as we got new takes on familiar heroes (“Captain America: Winter Soldier,” “Thor: Ragnraok”), and we also learned about some new ones who set milestones of their own (“Guardians of the Galaxy,” “Black Panther”). All of this has been leading up to an event so big that it will likely rival, if not surpass, “Star Wars” numbers at the box office.

Disney and Marvel are so confident that this film will impress that they recently moved the release date up a week from May 4 to April 27.

With all that said, taper your expectations. Yes, the premiere will likely be a historic night for the film industry, and critics are going to praise it, and flocks of normal people will shout to the mountains how amazing it is, but just remember: This is Disney after all.

This movie is going to be big and grandiose, but Disney has never been a big risk-taking company aside from a few edgier endeavors here or there. When it comes to films, Disney ultimately needs to market to kids.

A hype built up over a 10-year period will never live up and won’t please everyone. So remember: Watch this film and enjoy it for what it is and not what it could be.