Lack of attendance at open forum not surprise to Bachand


The leaders of the discussion were not shocked at the number of attendees at the President’s Open Forum held March 22, 2016, in the Executive Board Room in Curtiss Hall. Only one student, Devin Mott, was present, as well as President Bachand, Student Association Representative Cody McKay, and Director of Media and Community Relations J.J. Boehm.

“I live on campus, and I was wondering why I can’t park on other areas of campus such as Pine Grove if I live in University Village?” Mott asked.

Mott also explained that he’s received many parking tickets while unloading vehicles, or after only being parked for a short period of time when there were many open spaces available. Bachand responded that he was not aware of the residential parking issue, and that he will be looking into the situation.

“We will conduct a rather massive and intensive investigation on your behalf, with a thorough explanation at bare minimum,” Bachand said.

He explained that with parking, a lot of the problems that students were facing ten years ago were prevalent, but not anymore, so some of the regulations need to be revisited with the police department on campus. Bachand also stated that he has no idea of some of the student’s issues, which is why he has the Open Forums and meets with the student government every other week.

After this explanation, Mott was quite happy with the response and thanked the President for his help. Since this was only approximately 20 minutes into the Open Forum, Bachand asked questions of the student such as his name, hometown, and major, and discussed some current events with the student and other attendees. Afterwards, he walked with Mr. Mott down to his office to gift him with a free SVSU Basketball t-shirt and a photograph opportunity.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time for President Bachand that only a few students have come to the meetings. He clarified that in the Fall semester, many more are usually in attendance, but once the Winter semester comes around, there are much fewer, if any.