Major Fair returns to assist students in program selection


The Academic Advisement Center is partnering with several other offices on campus and each of SVSU’s five colleges to host the second annual Major Fair on Wednesday, Nov. 15.

The fair will take place from 3 p.m. until 6 p.m. in the Curtiss Hall Banquet Rooms A and B.

The focus of the fair is not just on students who are undecided on their major, but also students who have declared a major but are not confident that they actually want to pursue it.

“The whole purpose of the Major Fair is to give students a chance to talk informally with faculty,” said Kimberly McDonald, an assistant director of the Academic Advisement Center. “Sometimes, they’re a little hesitant to reach out themselves and make an appointment one-on-one in an office setting, but we’re hoping that this is a fun event.”

Career Services, Study Abroad and other offices will also be in attendance for students interested in learning more about potential careers, internship opportunities, résumé work, studying abroad and graduate programs.

The event operates much like a career fair, with each department, along with the other offices in attendance, having a stand with representatives providing information for interested students.

Upon checking in, students will receive information on each college and what different majors and minors are offered in those colleges. From there, students will be free to visit the departments that interest them, along with any offices they’d like to learn about as well.

In the inaugural fair last year, students were had a rewarding experience and felt it was a worthwhile to attend.

Fourth-year student Charles Ferens had already switched his major once prior to attending last year’s Major Fair, and was looking for the minor that would best fit his career aspirations, a job in higher education.

“I went to the fair to window shop, but I left with so much more,” he said. “The environment of the fair was perfect. Every table was staffed with enthusiastic professionals and student who could answer your questions.”

Following a discussion with a professor, Ferens ultimately declared a second major, a decision he is very happy with.

John Flores, another assistant director of the Academic Advisement Center, said there is also a retention piece to the Major Fair.

“When students don’t select a major or if they’re kind of undecided in what they’ve selected, we quite often lose those students,” he said. “The fair is a win-win for the students and the faculty because the faculty also get a chance to educate students further on what their department has to offer.”

Following a strong first running of the fair, McDonald and Flores felt there were improvements to be made. First and foremost, they wanted to make the event less formal. The two felt that students are often uncomfortable around faculty and don’t know the right questions to ask. Therefore, they’re attempting to lighten the mood by providing food and having SVSU’s mascot Coop attend, along with providing supplemental materials to assist in the question asking process. Students will also have the opportunity to win a gift card from the SVSU bookstore.

“The bones of it are kind of the same, but we’ve tried to do some extra fun things for students but also informative things for students,” McDonald said.

So far, nearly every academic department has committed to attending the fair.

No RSVP is required to attend the Major Fair. For more information, contact the Academic Advisement by visiting Wickes Hall 117 or calling 989-964-4286.