Midland’s The Loch Coffee Company offers unique seasonal flavors


“Fine brews, fine folk.” That’s the slogan of Midland’s one-year-old coffee shop, The Loch Coffee Company.

From providing a cozy atmosphere for studying or hanging out with friends to hosting open-mic nights, The Loch, located at 9 Dartmouth Drive, is the perfect place to go.

The atmosphere makes you feel as if you are in one of those coming-of-age movies. The baristas are “hip” with their Vans, flannels and stylish glasses.

The walls are covered in chalkboard drawings as well as art from local artists. Customer-decorated coffee cups can be found on shelves all throughout the building.

The Loch features coffee from Narrativality and teas from rishi to white. They also sell soda and kombucha.

The Loch stands out from a mainstream coffee shop such as Starbucks by creating flavors that stray away from the typical white-chocolate mocha and cinnamon dolce latte.

The flavors are wonderfully unique and cannot be found just anywhere. There is a drink menu that corresponds with each season, such as lavender lattes in the summer and maple blueberry and turmeric ginger honey for the fall.

In addition to the uniqueness of their beverages, The Loch serves food that brings a new flavor to Midland. They are known well for their waffles, which come in flavors such as caramel apple and blueberry brie.

There are also sandwiches that can make the adventurous eater’s dreams come true. Some of the sandwiches include blueberry basil grilled cheese and turkey, pear and brie. Vegan options are also available.

The baristas are attentive to their clientele, and it is no secret when a regular walks in as the beverage is virtually already being made for them. Customers always leave satisfied whether they are leaving with their typical drink or trying something new that the barista recommended.

For more information about the Loch Coffee Company, visit their self-named Facebook page.