Outside SVSU keeps local area clean


University students are cleaning up Saginaw with the Help the Earth program.

Sponsored by Outside SVSU through Campus Recreation, the program is meant to be a way for students to promote service for the environment to others. Outside SVSU outdoor adventure coordinator David Solce said the program will “hopefully be an experience that will encourage recycling and sustainability at SVSU.”

Solce said that this opportunity is meant to encourage students to think about the Earth and the environment around them. 
This is the last of Outside SVSU’s five student activities that were planned for the winter 2013 semester. The groups’ goal is to provide educational and recreational opportunities to the students of SVSU through adventure activities that foster leadership development, environmental stewardship and outdoor recreation appreciation.

Earlier this semester, Outside SVSU offered students the opportunity to participate in a winter luge, an alpine ski trip, winter water rafting and backpacking, where students spent a night hiking and camping in the Michigan wilderness from March 22-23.

Now from 2-5 p.m. on Friday, April 12, students can participate in a day of service by cleaning up local areas, including raking and cleaning up nature at Wickes Park in Saginaw. The event is free and travel is included. Students are encouraged to register and contact Solce at dlsolce@svsu.edu with questions. Interested students will be leaving the Campus Recreation Center at 2 p.m. 
As Outside SVSU’s first clean up, Wickes Park was chosen because, like many other local parks, it is due for a regular clean up.

Biochemistry sophomore Sarah Newburgh said people who visit parks don’t care enough about the environment.

“I hate to admit it, but people can be slobs,” she said. “I see parents letting their children throw candy wrappers on the ground all the time. It isn’t hard to pick it up.”

Solce said SVSU could drastically increase its sustainability efforts on campus, as well.

“I believe that new recycling options for students should be available, as well as the university to looking into other energy options such as solar power,” he said. “However, new technology would be an investment that would take time to be engaged in.”

Overall, Solce said he is excited for the Help the Earth Program, and believes it will help spread awareness. 
“We hope that through Outside SVSU, students will be able to introduce themselves with new outdoor activities, and through our passion, help teach sustainability and outdoor ethics to these students that they can use in the future,” he said. “Especially to be more conscious about their impact on the environment.”