Queer Monologues foster understanding


Friday night at the Black Box Theatre, the Sexuality and Gender Spectrum Alliance put on the first-ever Queer Monologues.

SAGSA is an LGBT registered student organization that works with the Pride Center. The show comprised of 11 speakers who could share various experiences from topics such as revealing their sexuality to the forms of harassment that they deal with on a daily basis.

“We are trying to have that platform for people in our community to hear that they’re not alone, and for those not in our community to understand what we go through,” said SAGSA Vice President Megan Flattery.

Fourth-year health science major Alexa Van Hine spoke about her past experiences in front of the audience. She said she felt no judgment was being passed as she spoke to the crowd.

“It shocked me how many feelings I had when I went out there” Van Hine said. “It was really powerful and really nice to be in an environment where I knew no one would judge me.”

Faculty members were also encouraged to attend and even speak if they were willing. Several faculty members spoke on their difficulties with coming out and how it was perceived by their peers.

“For me, it was wanting to share my story,” said Daphne Hamburg, who works as a field education assistant in the social work department. “I know a lot of times, younger people may not be at the point where they’re ready to come out; they may just be questioning their path.”

The event was well received, with many saying that they felt comfortable with the non-judgmental atmosphere.

“It’s just providing a space for queer individuals to feel at home,” Flattery said, speaking on the goal of SAGSA. “For them to not feel isolated.”