Rush Week drives Greek recruitment


Sororities and fraternities all over SVSU put
on events last week to encourage students to
participate in Rush Week, Greek life’s major
recruiting event at SVSU.

Alpha Kappa Lambda President and Vanguard
reporter Gabe Kasper participated in
many events hosted by his fraternity.

“Fraternities put on a bunch of different
events throughout the week in hopes to get
people involved,” Kasper said. “Even if students
don’t get the chance to join a fraternity,

they can still come out and hang out with us,
make some friends and learn all about what
good fraternities do for our campus and

Alpha Kappa Lambda began their Rush
Week with more laidback events, such as a
barbecue, slip ‘n’ slide, game night and information
night. They ended the week with
more formal events, such as a cigar night, interviews
and a brotherhood dinner.

“It’s really hard to pick and choose what
event is my favorite out of the week,” Kasper
said. “Things like game night and our slip
‘n’ slide event are always a ton of fun, but
the whole week is just an awesome time. Not
only do I get to spend time with my brothers,
we get to meet new people who possibly
share the same values as we do, and that’s awesome.”

Many fraternities opted for fun and exciting
events. Sigma Pi hosted tailgate games, information
and pizza night, video game night and
bowling for their Rush Week schedule.

SVSU’s three sororities took a different approach.

Their Rush Week began with mandatory
information nights that included sorority sisters
of each organization presenting to prospective
members on their sorority and its activities and

Freshman Juliana Bonetti attended the first
information night.

“I personally thought sorority info night was
really helpful,” Bonetti stated. “It seemed very
accepting and made me want to join even more.
It took away all the nerves of potentially joining.”

The sororities also have a weekend known as
“Recruitment Weekend.”

On Friday, Sept. 21, potential new members
will speak with all three sororities on campus.

They will have the opportunity to meet with all
the sisters involved, speak to them about their
sorority and learn what they are about.

Saturday, Sept. 22, new members will learn
about each sorority philanthropy. They will
learn what each sorority believes in and get a
feel of their values.

Sunday, Sept. 23 is known as “bid day,”
where new members choose their sorority. New
members will announce their sorority and “run
home” to their new group or potentially decline
the offer.

“My personal favorite is bid day,” said Rachel
Irodenko, a member of Phi Sigma Sigma. “Although
I have not been on the inside for recruitment
before as I just got my ‘big (sister position)’
last fall, I loved bid day as a new member. I am
an only child, so the idea of ‘running home’ to
all my new sisters had me very excited. I am
very excited for it this year as well; we all have
themes, which I am super excited to dress up for
and really get involved in, and I am so excited to
meet our new members.”

Each fraternity and sorority has its own perks.

Many of them are involved in community service,
personal development and run events on
campus. They all encourage students to participate
in Rush Week or Greek Life any chance
they get.