SA unanimously elects new Speaker


The Student Association on Monday, April 9, unanimously elected Nolan Twardy to be its next Speaker of the House.

Twardy, a supply chain management sophomore from Warren, joined SA immediately upon arriving on campus as a freshman in 2016 and has served as Allocations Director for the past year.

“I am very excited to work with Nolan,” president-elect Caitlin Coulter said. “We joined the association at the same time, our first week on campus. It will be fantastic to work together and serve our students.”

During last Monday’s special meeting, Representative Libby Bihary nominated Twardy, who accepted. No further nominations for the speaker position were made.

Twardy then gave a presentation to the association on his candidacy. He began with some background information on himself and highlighted some of his roles in SA over the past two years, which include serving on both the Legislative and External Affairs and Allocations Committees in 2016-2017, while also serving as the Special Assistant to the President on Fraternities before taking on the Allocations Director position in Fall 2017.

“One thing that really qualifies him is his experience with the association,” said Executive Assistant Raegan Schultz. “We’ve seen two very different associations and how they’ve been run and supported by the speaker, so having two very different examples qualifies him really well.”

Twardy said his interest in the position sparked from his passion for Student Association.

“I’ve always had a passion for Student Association,” he said. “Student Association is most effective when representatives have the correct resources that they need to succeed, and I feel that I was prepared to provide those resources for representatives.”

Twardy said his main priorities as Speaker of the House will be practicing responsible spending, encouraging increased public attendance at House meetings, overhauling the constituency hours system and creating an inter office concerns system.

He also said the speaker has a responsibility to make sure new representatives receive ample training and support to assimilate into the association, and, to that end, plans to create a uniform training and mentoring program for new representatives over the summer.

For constituency hours, Twardy hopes to create teams of five to six representatives that focus on a variety of topics, such as student concerns, SA visibility, education on resources that SA provides and education on recent legislation passed.

“I feel there’s a big apathy on campus with the legislation that we pass and how aware people are of it,” Twardy said. “We’ve seen a lack of direction in constituency hours over the last couple of years. I have a vision to create teams that focus on visibility, ensuring SA is going to on-campus events and making sure that people know that we are supporting their endeavors.”

All 16 representatives present voted in favor of Twardy, officially electing him as Speaker of the House.