Streetfest nixed from end of semester festivities


Streetfest, SVSU’s annual block party event, will not occur this year due to decreased student attendance.

In years past, Streetfest has been a large annual event involving summer recreational activities and several different food options. Previous Streetfest events have had bungie jumping, zip lines, rock-climbing walls, bounce houses and obstacle courses. The event has mainly been outdoors, although last year it was held in the Ryder Center due to weather.

However, at the beginning of Fall 2017, a group of students and faculty from Program Board, Forever Red and Student Life formed a committee to discuss the future of Streetfest.

The budget for the event was sizeable, and the hosting RSOs were unsure if enough students had participated in years past to justify the amount of time and effort put into it.

Over its history, the exact date of Streetfest has moved around, typically taking place on the first weekend of April. Celebrating Streetfest at the end of the month often interfered with the studies of the students who organize the event, but hosting it earlier meant the possibility of the event being canceled due to snow or rain.

The committee also called into question whether student interest was high enough to justify such a huge event and agreed that Streetfest needed to be revamped.

They felt that students had grown tired of the same “block party” style every year. Members of the committee had many suggestions, like partnering with local businesses, moving the event off-campus or moving the event back outside instead of in the Ryder Center.

The committee decided the money would be better used by supporting other existing campus events, uniting them in a week of events at the end of April focused on relaxation and encouraging students studying for finals. Student Wellness Programs will coordinate this student appreciation week, called “Spring Fever Fest.”

“The departments and organizations that will be putting events on as part of this year’s Spring Fever Fest are still nailing down some details, but I’m excited about the direction that it is going,” said Bryan Crainer, associate dean for Student Life and Leadership Programs.

Crainer suggested there is a possibility that Streetfest could come back..

“Each year I entertain program ideas or suggestions from students, student groups, other departments and the Program Board,” Crainer said. “If Streetfest wants to make a return for 2019 and event planners are excited about it, then we’ll make it happen.”