Student Association wraps up year

President Cody McKay to hand reigns to Lauren Kreiss on May 1


The SVSU Student Association is winding down the academic year, and last Monday, confirmed several appointments for next year’s Association.

Carly Lipinski was appointed to the executive assistant position; Hunter Koch will serve as legislative and external affairs director and Sean Mueller will again be parliamentarian.

Brandy Kontowsky will be the public information officer, replacing incoming president Lauren Kreiss, and Karah Hoch will oversee student concerns. Lastly, McKenna Ciner will return as campus events director and Caitlin Coulter will serve as the philanthropy chair.

Throughout the academic year, SA’s main events have included the Red Pride Picnic, Battle of the Valley’s Week, a trip the Presidential Inauguration, Mental Health Awareness Week and the Cardinal Ball.

“From talking with students that attended these events, they all had great things to say and were grateful that we had made these opportunities possible,” outgoing SA president Cody McKay said. “These events allow us to create opportunities for the student body to come together for various reasons, whether it be a topic to bring awareness to, a once-in-a-lifetime trip, or to have some fun together.”

Additionally, SA allocated just shy of $60,000 to various student activities and conference, along with about $6,000 in scholarships.

The biggest end of the year project for the Association has been the Nightline bus route that has been available for students on four different weekends throughout the second half of the winter semester.

“The SVSU Nightline has had great success throughout the pilot,” McKay said. “From the first two weekends alone, we had roughly 300 to 400 total riders, which is amazing. We appreciate all of the support from the campus community throughout this process, and I look forward to seeing what next year’s Student Association will do as they evaluate the pilot this summer.”

In addition to McKay, many of the Association’s representatives are reflecting on the year that was.

Sophomore and first year representative Maura Losh said the experience was both valuable and enjoyable.

“Being a representative this year was an unforgettable experience,” she said. “SA was definitely not what I was expecting, but I’m very grateful that my fellow representatives appointed me back in the fall. I am proud of the work we have accomplished to better SVSU and I am eager to see what next year holds.”

Now, the student government will begin transitioning and preparing for next academic year. The Association recently made changes to the way several positions were paid, including cutting pay of committee chairs and adjusting the way in which the president’s pay is determined.

SA will take the summer to get ready for the upcoming school year and work on developing ideas and planning various projects. McKay will move out of office and Kreiss will officially begin her term as president on May 1.

McKay reflected on his year in office and looks forward to the future of the Association.

“I would like to thank the student body for giving me the opportunity to represent you this past year,” he said. “Being a part of Student Association for the past four years has been life changing, and being able to be president this year has been an experience that I will truly never forget. I believe that next year’s group will do a fantastic job and keep representing the student body in the best way possible. Thank you again for believing in me, and I wish you all the best.”