Students learn about programs at Major Fair


SVSU’s second Major Fair offered opportunities for students to explore different majors and learn more about their own major on Wednesday, Nov. 15.

John Flores, an assistant director in the Academic Advisement Center, discussed the importance of hosting major fairs, which give students the opportunity to talk one-on-one with faculty representing each major.

“At a fair like this, we hope to get students more connected with their program and their academics,” Flores said. “We have a lot of majors out there, and we try to impress upon students that they’ll shortchange themselves if they don’t make those connections with their faculty and department chairs. We really want students to be more comfortable when speaking to faculty.”

First-year occupational therapy student Cameron Rohelier attended the Major Fair and learned about a new career path.

“I came to the fair (Wednesday) to gain more knowledge about other fields that I was interested in, primarily teaching sixth through 12th grade biology,” Rohelier said. “I learned that I can get in early to the education program because of my SAT scores and my GPA in high school.”

Kimberly McDonald, another assistant director of the Academic Advisement Center, stressed that the Major Fair is ideal for students beginning their major-related courses.

“From my standpoint, oftentimes it’s the second year where students start to question (their majors),” McDonald said.

McDonald believes that is because most second-year students have taken their general education classes and are beginning their major-related courses.

“They may have their basic skills requirements and their general educations requirements almost done, and they’re just starting to touch their toe in the water of a major or two to see if they like it,” McDonald said. “For those students, it’s really important to be able to talk to faculty and hash out what the major might entail.”

Second-year nursing student Natalia Gergle went to the fair to learn about her major.

“I came to the fair (Wednesday) because I had a few questions left about my major,” Gergle said. “I wanted to get whatever information I could and learn more about what I didn’t already know.”

Those in attendance would recommend that all students take the opportunity to talk to faculty and attend fairs in the future.

“I would recommend other people go to the fair,” Rohelier said. “Whether you are sure of what you want to do in college or not, I recommend going to it just to give you an idea of what else is out there and what potential things you could do.”

The faculty in the Academic Advising Center plan on hosting another fair in the next academic year, although minor changes will be made to surpass this year’s turnout of 121 students.

“We do plan on hosting the event next year,” McDonald said. “I think we have gotten positive feedback all the way around. I think every year you do something, you think of things that maybe you’ll try differently next year, hoping to improve and reach students you weren’t able to this year.”