Students play their favorite ‘Price is Right’ games during Resident Housing event


SVSU’s Resident Housing Association (RHA) hosted “The Price is Right” on Monday, Jan. 29, at 10 p.m. in the Alumni Lounge.

Seventy students came out for the event, which senior technical writing major and RHA programming chair Tia Hodges planned.

“The president of RHA, Samantha Lanning, is always pushing me to bring out the best programs I can, and she told me that she knew that I could turn RHA’s Favorite Things’ into something more interactive and fun for residents, and that’s where this idea came from,” Hodges said.

Planning for the event was fun but challenging.

“The hardest part was probably figuring out what items to include in the games that contestants played for each grand prize,” Hodges said. “Most games required grocery items to guess prices for, and we wanted to make sure we had a couple resets in case a contestant was unsuccessful with a game, so instead of buying a bunch of items, we decided to print out pictures to represent each one.”

Hodges believes the help from her e-board is a large reason of the event’s success.

“I would really like to thank the support I have for the success of not only this program but every program I put on,” Hodges said. “My fellow e-board members always have my back and support every decision I make along the way.”

The first prize was a Polaroid set, including a camera, case and film. The contestant chosen for this round played “Three Strikes.”

The next prize was a Nintendo 2DS and $10 gift card. To win it, the contestant had to play “Magic Number” and guess a price that fell between the costs of two cars.

For the third round, the contestant had to play “Hole in One.” Each time they guessed right, they would earn a ball to throw at a target. Once they hit the target, they won a mini-fridge.

During the fourth round, the contestant played “One, Two, Three” and ordered pictured objects from least to most expensive to win an Amazon Echo.

For the fifth round, contestants played “One Away” and guessed if the prize for a trip was too high or low to win an 18-piece cooking set, a tea kettle, a mini waffle maker and a slow cooker.

Next, they played “Dice Roll,” where they rolled dice to get the correct digits of the item pictured. They played to win a Nook set, including the nook, a case and a $35 Barnes & Noble gift card.

In the seventh round, contestants played “Pick A Pair,” where they picked images of objects that they thought were worth the same monetary value. They played for a camping set, including included a tent, chair, backpack, water pouch, lantern, sleeping bag and a sleeping mat.

For round eight, contestants were competing for a bike, wheel light and handlebar pouch by playing “Shell Game.”

During the last two rounds, contestants played “Plinko” to win two Amazon Echo Dots donated by Residential Life.

Biology sophomore Kaylyn Loscalzo, who won that round, was excited.

“I can’t believe I won,” Loscalzo said. “This is chaos.”

Loscalzo came out with her friend, undecided sophomore Macy Lawrence, after seeing an advertisement for the event in the student rotunda.

“We saw a flier and thought it might be fun,” Lawrence said. “We haven’t gone to many RHA events before, but we’re definitely glad we came out.”