‘Subs and Sports’ shows off club and intramural sports


On Friday, Sept. 7, SVSU hosted its first Subs and Sports event from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. on the intramural fields.

SVSU has hosted “open recreation” nights in the past, where Campus Recreation provided sports equipment and a space for students to run their own pick-up games. However, this year, Haley Ludviksen, the senior recreation coordinator, indicated that Campus Recreation wanted to be “more intentional and coordinate a more structured event.”

Ludviksen worked with Brady Duke, the Campus Recreation competitive sports graduate assistant, to plan the event. They hoped the event would encourage more students to get involved with intramural and club sports.

“This is not only about promoting our programs, but getting the greater student body involved in recreational sports as well, as we have seen a positive trend in overall retention for students who do get involved with our sport programs,” Ludviksen said.

Campus Recreation Director Aaron Mowen worked with the rest of his staff to create the event over the summer. They created the event as part of Campus Recreation’s three-week-long Welcome Weekend events.

“The first few weeks of school are always hectic,” Mowen said. “New students are trying to acclimate to the university life, and returning students are still just going to classes.

Welcome Weekend is always so overwhelming with the number of events available, so we try to sprinkle in a few events every here and there so all the events don’t end after the first week of classes.”

At the event, intramural and club sports were represented so students could learn how to sign up for teams and discuss the sports with current team members. Intramural officials were also present and lent their skills to referee pick-up games.

Interested students could participate in pick-up games of soccer, lacrosse, flag football and rugby.

Many prizes were available at the event, including a prize basket worth over $150. To be eligible to win, students posted a photo of themselves on Instagram with the tag “#svsucampusrec.” The most creative picture and caption won the prize.

Campus Recreation partnered with Jimmy John’s for the event. They handed out coupons, free sandwiches and prizes.

Ludviksen hopes the students who came to the event make new connections and gain interest in intramural and club sports.

“I (was) most excited to see the connections students make with other students as well as established student leaders on-campus,”

Ludviksen said. “Sports are such a catalyst for great friendships, and we just want to see that initial spark hopefully lead to lasting ones throughout the student’s entire time at SVSU.”

Many attendees, including nursing sophomore Brady Lockwood, enjoyed the event.

“A couple of friends and I came out to try out for the lacrosse team,” Brady said. “This is my first time trying to play intramural sports in college. I’m trying to stay involved, stay active and have some fun.”

Campus Recreation hopes to make this an annual event.

“Whether it stays Subs and Sports or we combine it with another one of our welcome weeks events, we want to keep an event somewhat similar to it going for years to come,” Ludviksen said.