SVSU students star in two-person play ‘Constellations’


On Friday, Nov. 3, two SVSU students starred in “Constellations,” a two-cast performance at Bullock Creek High School.

Midland-based Passion Theatre Group put on the play.

Brianne Dolney, a theatre and political science junior, played the female lead, Marianne. Donté Green, a senior theatre major, played the male lead, Roland.

Green credits SVSU for building his love of theatre and acting.

“I love how the professors here support us,” Green said. “When I was the lead in ‘Raisin in the Sun,’ I think it was eye-opening for myself, the department and the university overall.”

“Constellations” was written by Nick Payne, directed by SVSU theatre graduate Jonah Conner and produced by Aidan Montgomery.

The play focused on string theory and the possible existence of multiple universes. As such, Marianne and Roland played out several similar scenarios over a series of different time phases.

The major plot connecting the time phases is one audience members who don’t have a doctorates in physics will understand: boy meets girl.

Each different world offers an alternative to how their relationships plays out.

The play’s intimate and unusual structure made performing difficult for Dolney.

“This (play) was a big challenge since it was only a two-person cast,” Dolney said. “I’ve been doing theatre for about nine years now. My sister is the one who has inspired me.”

Green, who has been in theatre for seven years, also found his role challenging.

“(Roland) is very different from me,” Green said. “He is more shy and uncertain, and I am more outgoing and confident.”

For Green, the overall goal of “Constellations” is to encourage the audience to embrace, not fear, choices.

“Don’t be afraid of the choices,” Dolney said. “Life has infinite possibilities.”

The power of love was also a central theme.

“Love is universal,” Green said. “No matter what your choices are, the outcome of that love will happen.”