SVSU wins with ‘best dorms’


SVSU has received the 2019 “best dorms” award among public universities from

Along with receiving the number one rank among public universities, SVSU also ranks eighth among universities nationwide. “We are honored to receive this recognition, which is based on the student experience,” said director of Residential Life Michele Gunkelman. “We strive to provide quality housing facilities and enriching experiences. This honor is a testament to the sense of belonging and community that our students are thriving in.”

Niche’s formula for calculating its rankings is weighted heavily toward self-reported data from students themselves. Since 2015, SVSU has consistently ranked highly on this list, but this is the first time the university has been able to claim the top spot.

SVSU has worked to improve its on-campus housing over the past few years by offering more options to meet the standards of any type of student who enrolls. Even with this top ranking, however, SVSU’s Housing office isn’t planning to stop coming up with new ways to help students feel comfortable on campus.

“A new initiative for Fall 2018 opening was to offer all single bedrooms in the First Year Suite freshman area, reducing the capacity by 50 percent in response to student feedback,” said Director of Auxiliary Operations Dawn Iseler. “Since 2016, our departments collaborated to offer mixed gender and PRIDE housing options.”

While the university has identified a couple areas of interest when it comes to providing what the students want on campus, offering students the most convenient experience possible has been Housing’s ultimate goal. SVSU has the luxury of being a small institution, which makes the day-to-day transition process easier for students.

When compared to other public universities in the country, SVSU boasts impressive amenities and a modern design that allows the university to stand above the rest.

“The residential areas have a state-of-the-art design and are maintained by staff who support a first-class experience,” Iseler said.

Iseler added that some of the features available for students are private, rather than communal, bathrooms and kitchens or kitchenettes that are included in every dorm on campus. These two areas are important, as most large public universities lack these individual perks.

Housing and Residential Life are proud of what they have achieved but feel the strong foundation they have built will be used to improve campus living for anyone who wants to be a part of the SVSU community.

“SVSU continues to focus on our mission statements to provide quality experiences and accommodations,” Gunkelman said. “We have continually evaluated and enhanced the learning community programs offered including #GlobalTakeover, Transfer Student Connection and Living Leadership Program.”