Taylor Swift’s new album about reinvention, self-confidence


Taylor Swift’s new album dropped on Nov. 10 and immediately sent shockwaves throughout the musical community. It sold an impressive 1 million albums in the first week alone.

The new album, “Reputation,” is unapologetic, full of confidence and reinvention. The album contains 15 tracks, four of which were released as singles prior to the release date. Swift’s songs are full of clever lyrics and one collaboration with well-known singer and friend Ed Sheeran.

My personal favorites from this album are: “I Did Something Bad,” “Don’t Blame Me,” “Delicate” and “Dress.” But to be honest, the entire album is my favorite by Swift. Swift’s songwriting abilities have reached a height unparalleled to any of her previous work. This album tells the story of her fall from grace when she gathered negative media backlash from ending her previous romantic relationships, as well as the controversy with Kanye West.

“Reputation” reveals the story of putting yourself back together after losing everything. It sings to the hardship of adult relationships, of being criticized for personal decisions and finally, an ode to self re-discovery.

Swift conveys pure confidence in this album. She no longer cares about what others say about her reputation, because they do not truly know her. A notable lyric from her song “Look What You Made Me Do,” is, “I got smarter, I got harder in the nick of time. Honey, I rose up from the dead, I do it all the time.” To me, this really shows off the main theme of the overall album: resurrection. The old Swift “died,” and she came back stronger.

Swift also talks about some of her mistakes in this album, specifically in her song “Getaway Car.” This is a new side of Swift. She is showing that everyone makes mistakes sometimes and that is OK.

Lastly, many of her songs are dedicated to her boyfriend, and they describe the complexity of falling in love, of remaining true to who you are when the world tells you who you should be, who you should like and what you should do.

Swift remains defiant in the face of criticism and all of the people who tell her how to live her life. Swift is a beacon of hope for her fans, called “Swifties,” because of her relentless pursuit of staying true to herself.

Swift is very involved with her fan base. She hosts “Secret Sessions” at her different homes in the world, where she personally finds her most devoted fans (usually through social media) and then invites them to listen to her new album before it is released to the rest of the world. “Reputation” is destined for greatness, and all of the Swifties in the world can finally breathe a sigh of relief to have Queen Swift back.