The several benefits of having a job while being in college


Having a job while in college is beneficial for the present and the future. Students most often hear about the drawbacks of working while in school, but there are many benefits.

Many college kids go broke once or twice throughout their academic careers. Having a job takes away all the stress of asking family for money. It creates a steady flow of cash, provides extra spending money for going out with friends and offers a safety net in case of emergencies.

Some people say they don’t have the transportation to go to a job. However, there are plenty of on-campus jobs available. Students can apply to be the next mascot or to play a supportive role in an administrative office. There are a plethora of positions that are relevant to any major. With these on-campus jobs, students can walk to work and have a work schedule that accommodates their classes.

Still, more people say they don’t have time, but creating the time to work can have many benefits. Work teaches time management and responsibility, and it provides incentives for going above and beyond expectations. There are many jobs that offer flexible hours, that don’t conflict with homework, clubs or sports. Adding work to your schedule may be overwhelming, but it is doable if planned correctly.

Work experience looks great on a resume. With this experience, potential employers can gain insight into what situations interviewees have handled and what skills they have learned. Hiring managers are more likely to hire individuals with some work experience than individuals with none.

Having a job can mitigate boredom. Instead of sitting in their rooms, binge-watching Netflix for the third night in a row, students could be making money and learning valuable skills. Work fills in the awkward gaps in a student’s schedule and keeps them from feeling bored.

Working also provides independence. It’s a good way for students to start becoming adults and learning to do things on their own. Instead of asking for a handout from mommy and daddy when things go wrong, students can provide for themselves with the money they’ve earned.

Students who refuse to work hide behind the excuses of, “I don’t want to” and “It’ll be too much,” but in reality, they’re afraid of growing up and being an adult.

It’s a learning process. No one really wants to get a job, but in the long run, it could be helpful and fun. Students could receive benefits, pay raises and promotions or get their foot in the door with the company they want to work for once they graduate. It may not be easy, but working while in school is a smart choice.