Vanguard staff’s top five ways to procrastinate for finals


Maria Ranger
Recently, one of my favorite ways to procrastinate has been watching random educational videos. I’ll just go on YouTube and find interesting topics to learn about, or I will watch an analysis of movies, TV or music. To me, it feels productive still, since it’s educating myself, although not in the way that I’m paying for at college. I still feel engaged if I’m watching something like this that’s either factual or uses critical thinking skills, which makes me feel less guilty than watching “The Office.”

Mariah Turner
What is one of the best ways to procrastinate in college? Netflix. We all know the infamous question: Are you still watching? Yes, I’m still watching my 87th consecutive episode of “Gilmore Girls.” Hands down, the best way to procrastinate is to cozy up with wine and watch Netflix, usually with the intention to watch just one episode. The downside to this is suddenly you are three seasons deep and you #cantstopwontstop. Then, you realize that a 30-page essay, five discussion posts, two online quizzes and a group project are all due at midnight. And you then continue to watch Netflix, but stressfully.

Dylan Powell
I’ve been a general procrastinator my entire life, and during that time, only one thing has remained constant: I can’t pull myself away long enough from a TV screen sometimes to even begin to think about the responsibilities in my life, especially when I’m playing video games. Whether I’m doing it to unwind, to take a break from something or quite literally to avoid doing things I am supposed to, video games have always had a unique stranglehold on my attention-span. From multi-player games to single-player games to mobile games to arcade games, I love ‘em all.
There are so many different types of video games out there, all of which are built to stimulate the mind and entertain for hours on end. There are thousands of games of varying art styles, difficulties and game mechanics, but only a small amount of responsibilities for myself to tend to. Why would I decide to spend my time actually progressing myself further into adulthood when “Bloodborne” has been sitting on my shelf unbeaten for years? Who’s going to kill The Cleric Beast if I’m too busy puttering around with homework, dishes and errands, fair readers? Who?

Brian Fox
Sometimes, you just have to unwind and let yourself decompress after a long and especially stressful day of classes.
It’s perfectly healthy to take a night to yourself when the pressure builds, especially this late in the semester.
If you’re like me, however, a little stress can become a big excuse to waste time and blow off other responsibilities.
Bad test? Better take a pint of ice cream straight to the dome and play video games all night.
Group project going badly? Let’s just marathon some Star Trek with the cats and some popcorn while ignoring the group chat – that should help.
Should have started that paper yesterday? Cleaning the entire apartment first can’t hurt.
Self-care is good and necessary if one wants to avoid burnout and breakdowns, but don’t let it become just another excuse to kick back and skate by.
One of the best habits of highly-organized people – one I’d love to pick up some day – is being able to properly manage time. That means time for studying and work as well as time for relaxation and fun.

Aran Singh
Sometimes, you just gotta drink. After a long day at the “office” (a loosely applied term), you just need to decompress. Drinking can be a good way to temporarily relieve the stress of completing an assignment.
Take advantage of a happy hour situation at one of the hundreds of chain restaurants populating this metropolis we call the Tri-City area (or the “Great Lakes Bay Region,” if you’re a sociopath).
Applebee’s, Harvey’s and TGIF’s all have decent Happy Hours. Believe it or not, a drink or two to take the edge off is actually good for one’s health. I read that in a study somewhere. Yeah, that’s the ticket.
I’ve never really gotten carried away with the drinking. Except that one time at Olive Garden. I demanded more breadsticks and booze, and they cut me off on both counts. I was dragged out of there yelling, “…But I thought when you’re here, you’re family” over and over. Since it was only 1:45 p.m., I still had the rest of the day ahead of me.
Thank God for my Uber chariot.