Optimize your chances for future employment

The biggest career fair since 2006 is coming soon.

The spring University-wide Employment Networking Fair is this Friday, March 28, at 12 p.m. Mike Major, director of Career Services, said at least 107 organizations will  attend Friday’s event, which is the first time more than a hundred employers have came to SVSU since 2006.

Students will show up and showcase what they have to offer employers. Major understands that events such as this are not easy to attend, but he also stresses how SVSU will suffer if turnout is too low.

“Coming to a career fair is just uncomfortable,” Major said. “It’s an uncomfortable situation because we don’t do it every day. Career fairs have real organizations ready to see students as professionals.”

One of the most important parts of preparing for the career fair is researching companies of interest before heading to the event. A list of employers coming to the fair online allows guests to enter into conversation already knowing how to present oneself.

Similarly, along with a handful of general resumes, it is smart to bring several customized resumes that apply to companies. But the resume is not the only way information needs to be communicated to the employers. Major believes that person-to-person communication is what is suffering.

“With the rise in social media, interpersonal communication has suffered,” he said.  “Students don’t want to dress professionally and look someone in the eye while shaking their hand.”

Major described a technique called the “30-Second Pitch,” which includes who you are, your major, why you’re interested in the organization and what type of position you’re looking for. While the pitch does not go into deep detail, it is a good icebreaker for the multiple encounters at the fair.

Moreover, some companies’ policies state that the employers cannot accept physical resumes, only ones sent online. While this may confuse or frustrate students, they shouldn’t be discouraged.

“That’s OK, because they have to,” Major said. “If they encouraged you to go to their website, it means they really wanted you to send in your resume. They just can’t physically take resumes.”

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