Engineering symposium showcases projects

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On Friday, Dec. 7, from 10 a.m. to noon, SVSU hosted an engineering symposium that showcased prototypes from senior engineering students’ projects created during the fall semester.

Senior engineering students are required to complete a senior project that includes collaboration. They must create a plan, as well as research, develop and test a prototype.

This year, 50 students broken into 14 teams presented prototypes and information on their projects.

The projects included a deep water oxygenator, an air quality monitoring system, a wheelchair basketball shooter and a sensor-controlled prosthetic arm.

Electrical engineering senior Nicholas Srebinski explained that there are multiple aspects of the project.

“We’re only in senior one right now, so we have done all of the planning for the project so far,” Srebinski said. “We started at the lowest level of our hardware and learned what the requirements were. For this project, we get to do both hardware and software, which deals with a lot of microelectronics that we learned about in our classes.”

SVSU engineering majors collaborated with outside clients and university organizations to develop the projects.

Businesses that were involved included General Motors, Nexteer Automotive, Team- Tech Motorsports, Duperon Corp. and Kremin Inc.

One project proposed by General Motors was to solve a problem with the size of a part. “The machine we are creating will be able to put the part back into tolerance, so they won’t have to scrap it,” said Jacob Mikulak, a mechanical engineering senior.

The symposium allowed students to show- case their work, meet professionals in their field and make connections with people they may someday be working with once they graduate.