Flood Watch: Back to school means back to football

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Everyone best get their Aeropostale graphic tees, Lightning McQueen lunch boxes and fresh pair of kicks out for the start of a new academic year that has come all too quick. Smile pretty for mom’s first-day-of-school picture at the end of the driveway, because soon it will be no smiles and all business, and by business, I mean all-nighters filled with hopes of good grades and coffee spill-free study guides. However, with the start of school comes the start of football!

Week 1 of the NFL season is arriving ever closer. The Detroit Lions have made some significant moves during this off-season, building up a respectable offensive line. The New England Patriots have only gotten better with early off-season moves. Ezekiel Elliott’s six game suspension puts a bit of a damper on the Cowboys’ chances of herding in an NFC East title.

Perhaps best of all, the New York Jets give Lions fans hope that our team might not be the most recent team with a winless season for much longer. If the Jets go 0-16, though, what’s going to be worse? A winless season, or the infamous 2012 butt-fumble incident courtesy of Mark Sanchez?

Not only do we have the NFL season coming up, but college campuses across the nation are gearing up for another fall semester’s worth of tailgates and homecoming parades. The Big Ten is featuring four teams inside the top-25 rankings.

Out of the bunch, Ohio State unfortunately has one of the easiest schedules, only facing off against three ranked teams the entire season, the hardest two of which are home games for the Buckeyes.

Bold prediction: Penn State makes the College Football Playoffs. The Nittany Lions return with a nearly identical roster as last year, save more experience and one star wide out, ready to pounce on back-to-back Big Ten titles.

As for the MLB and the Detroit Tigers, I’m not going to say much other than we have some dark times ahead of us. The Tigers are heading into a rebuilding process that is sure to be slow and painful. My take is that it will be at least six years before the Tigers grab another ALCS title. The once powerful, intimidating force that was the Tigers’ batting lineup is now comprised of the nearly expired, but still very expensive, players. Exit, Miguel Cabrera.

Some people want a platform on which to advocate for world peace, others to bring attention to medical research. What do I do with a platform in SVSU’s student-run news publication? Write about the PGA Tour.

Justin Thomas, who has four Tour wins this year, one of which was his first major at the PGA Championship at Quail Hollow, is second only to Japan’s Hideki Matsuyama, another young-gunning, multiple-time winner this season. They’re just ahead of other greats such as world number one Dustin Johnson and defending FedEx Cup Champ Rory McIlroy. We’re just a chip shot away from seeing who takes the cake at the Tour Championship.

That’s it for now, but we’ll catch back up with the start of football regular seasons soon. In the meantime, go buy your books, read your syllabi, do the schools. And now for the joke of the day (Game of Thrones edition): Why do players never get cold feet about signing a contract with the Detroit Lions? Because a Lannister always pays his debts.