Flood Watch: Is this the end of Tiger?

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Tiger Woods withdrew from the Dubai Desert Classic on Friday, Feb. 3, after shooting an opening-round, birdie-free, 5-over 77. The WD was due to back spasms that were unrelated to his past back problems, according to his agent. Throughout numerous complications, I’ve always been on his side, never doubting the ability of the greatest golfer ever to live to come back from injury.

But one time when I was in the hospital, I shared a room with this camel who was in for a broken back. I asked him how he did it, and he said someone put a bunch of straws on his back, and then all of a sudden, one last straw became too much and dislocated some vertebrae. I guess this deal with Tiger Woods is kind of like that. I just wish there was a metaphorical saying to go along with it.

Anyway, after Tiger himself testified to the media that his first round was pain-free, Tiger withdrew due to back spasms. Since this isn’t the first time he’s ever contradicted himself when it comes to his health, it’s pretty hard to believe his agent when he says that these spasms are unrelated to past back ailments. Sounds like some “fake news” to me. Sad!

Now I’m never going to say never, but at some point, I have to admit defeat. Or Tiger’s defeat. I’ve always said that he would never win another major, but I was a believer he’d win another tournament. Now, I have a very hard time believing he’ll ever win on tour again. As sad as that is, I just think that this guy needs to know how to pace himself, and maybe the only pace his back is comfortable with is retirement. However, with a lifelong pass to both the Masters and the PGA Championship, along with being able to play at the Open through age 60, I don’t see Tiger passing up the opportunity to tee it up at Augusta National.

Even if he plays in majors, perhaps Tiger needs to consider retirement soon. As they say, golfers don’t retire, they just fade away. I don’t think he can give up yet, but this latest episode is just one step closer to the end of the era of the greatest ever.