Intercultural Night celebrates diversity

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On Friday, Jan. 27, SVSU’s diverse international student body displayed its talents at the 16th annual Intercultural Night.

The event brought together international students who worked together to create nation-specific performances in which they played music, danced, performed skits and showed traditional garbs.

Intercultural Night was held on Friday, Jan. 27 this year which was the only major change from previous years.

Prior to the event, International Student Advisor Pat Shelley said the evening was replete with talent, creativity and all of the signs of hard work even though the students involved were busy with work and school.

“We have excellent acts,” he said. “It’s hard with everybody’s studies and everything else to get the whole crew for a good rehearsal. But everybody’s here tonight, so I expect all of the international students, with their individual acts being great, will pull together to make the whole show work.”

The International Student Club began organizing and recruiting acts for the event in December, and 15 nations participated in the event. Some of those included Azerbaijan, China, Kenya, Burma and Nepal.

Computer science junior Mazharul Majumder said Intercultural Night is an exciting event featuring many parts of the world.

“I like the different cultures,” he said. “It’s nice. We get involved, meet new people and make friends.”

Intercultural Night costs roughly $3,000, but donations and sponsorships have helped offset the cost. Moreover, the International Student Club aimed to provide students with different backgrounds a chance to experience American culture while promoting understanding and education.

Last year, Intercultural Night used the theme of Olympics, as Brazil was hosting the 2016 Summer Games. The event featured singing, dancing, instruments and camaraderie between students. This year, the theme was Citizens of the Arts.

Engineering management junior Malek Almonif said being a part of Intercultural Night has allowed him to meet many different people and that this experience extends to everyone who takes part in the evening’s festivities.

“If a person doesn’t know others from different cultures, then Intercultural Night can help them see the world in a different way,” he said. “It does so much and opens people’s minds.”