Letters to the editor | Week of April 24, 2017

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Dear Editor,

Saginaw Valley State University has about 10,000 students, which includes at least 900 international students from nearly 50 countries. The current travel ban could negatively impact international students attending SVSU. According to the Institute of International Education, $35.8 billion was contributed to the United States economy due to having international students (2015).

My name is Kayla Johnson and I am a licensed social worker in Saginaw County and a former student of Saginaw Valley State University. As part of the Cardinal community, I ask that we stand up for our international students’ rights and continued access into the United States and their own country. I urge the SVSU community to reach out to your local legislators to support the portion of the Executive Order: “Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States,” which now includes that any student with a current visa may resume traveling freely between all countries, including those previously banned.

I urge your readers to contact their local legislators to voice their opinions about the travel ban!

We must stand up for our international students now and in the future. Red Pride!

Kayla Johnson, May 2016 Graduate (BSW)
MSW student, Michigan State University

Dear Editor,

Planned Parenthood is more than just a clinic for abortions.

It is a place to obtain birth control and other forms of contraception. It is a location where you can get tested for STDs and STIs confidentially.

Planned Parenthood also performs mammograms, pap smears and other testing for types of cancer for women. They do all of these things will very little cost to the patient. Only three percent of their funding is used for abortions, but that is all people seem to get hung up about.

H.R. 354 is a bill that will defund Planned Parenthood. This takes away money from all of those other programs that utilize the money the most for an entire year.

As an alumni of Saginaw Valley State University, I am telling you that bill H.R. 354 cannot pass. Many of your fellow students utilize the services Planned Parenthood has to offer.

Please do not let three percent be the end to numerous other services.

Call your representative today and tell them to vote “no” on H.R. 354.

Thank you,
Brittany Jewett
SVSU BSW Graduate, MSW Candidate

Dear Editor,

According to the bill H.R. 354, I am writing to you with much concern about defunding federal funds to Planned Parenthood. With only three percent of funds going toward abortions, there are many other services that Planned Parenthood provides to individuals. The services that Planned Parenthood in Saginaw offers includes: abortion referral, birth control, HIV testing, LGBT services, men’s health care, emergency contraceptive, pregnancy testing, STD testing, vaccines and treatment, and women’s health care.

Taking away clinics that provide safe medical procedures and provide a variety of other beneficial services is not the answer. This does not allow individuals to have the right to self-determination and make their own decisions based on their own needs or situations. Per Planned Parenthood’s annual report from 2015, they serviced 60 million visits that year alone. This data proves that people are utilizing their clinics and cutting federal funding for this health care agency is not the best decision for our citizens.

Advocating for what is right is the right decision, and the H.R. 354 bill is not going to be what is best for our societal healthcare needs. I urge your audience of The Valley Vanguard to contact their representatives and senators in order to fight for what is right!

Kaitlyn M. Miller, May 2016 Graduate (BSW)
MSW Student, Michigan State University