Ming Chuan University hosts hairstyling workshop with acclaimed stylist

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Ming Chuan University, SVSU’s sister university, held a free hairstyling workshop on Sept. 8 hosted by Akin Hsu, a famous hairstylist that works with many celebrities in China and Taiwan.

A Ming Chuan faculty member asked Hsu to host the event because the university was looking for a new and exciting event for students. Hsu has one of the leading companies in hairstyling. He began his career 30 years ago because he always loved to play with hair even as a child. Hairstyling has always been a family business for Hsu, too, since his aunt has 50 years of hairstyle experience.

“My favorite part [of the job] is the personal connections I make with my clients,” Hsu said. “I love meeting new people and making friends.”

Hsu was eager to accept since he recently opened a salon called Shangli-Lai Salon & Spa in Shanghai, China, and is looking to expand. Hsu is hoping to create job opportunities for students. Accepted students will be certified by both Hsu’s salon and Ming Chuan University.

When asked about why he chose to come to SVSU, Hsu said that he wanted to give students an alternative environment to China, where the air pollution is high. He believes that Michigan could provide them with the beauty and the calm they need to create.

Sophia Hsiu-Hua Hu, executive director of the Industry-Academia Collaboration and the University Extension Division, chose Hsu to lead the workshop because she believes he will help recruit students for the camp.

The goal of the camp is to not only teach students about the profession of hairstyling but also to add a unique program to Ming Chuan University that will set it apart from the other universities in Taiwan. Hu’s main goal was to create a successful learning opportunity, and she also hopes that this summer camp will continue in the years to come.

The hairstyle workshop and camp are just a few examples of how Hu has tried to make Ming Chuan unique.

First-year graduate student Yuying Xu is just one of many students who have benefited from Hu’s work. Xu said she feels lucky that they chose her for the workshop and that she gets to learn from Hsu, especially since he is the hairstylist of one of her favorite actresses, Quiaoen Chen.

Xu also believes the partnership between SVSU and Ming Chuan on events such as the workshop has been beneficial for students.

“I think (the partnership is) really useful because it’s not only for an academic respect but also is useful for students to adapt to society because there are so many job opportunities that are not only academic,” Xu said. “It will be very helpful.”