Police briefs | Week of April 10, 2017

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Suspicious Person
At 6:16 p.m. March 31, University Police were dispatched to Collings Drive regarding an unknown male. The individual was wearing a mask, a black sweatshirt, and gray sweatpants. He was walking in the center of the road with two other males towards the Student Center. The police spoke to them, and the male wearing the mask said it wasn’t intended to scare anyone. It was handed over to police to destroy.

Restricted License
At 12 a.m. April 2, a vehicle was observed failing to stop at a stop sign. The officers performed a routine traffic stop, where they made contact with the driver. They found that his license was restricted. The officers cited the driver for driving on a restricted license, and someone was called to come get the vehicle.

Minor in Possession
At 1:27 a.m. April 2, an 18-year-old male student was observed staggering in the road. Police made contact in the South Complex A Parking Lot, where he became argumentative. An ambulance was called, and upon arrival, the student was disorderly, irate, and fighting with personnel. He went to the hospital, and warrants were being sought for minor in possession and disorderly conduct.

Destruction of Property
At 4:10 p.m. March 29, a 57-year-old employee reported that someone had written on a classroom window in Brown, and that it was political in nature. It was removed shortly after.

At 6 p.m. April 1, two students, ages 19 and 20, reported that overnight, an unknown subject egged their cars. The incident is still under investigation.

At 4:30 p.m. April 4, a car driven by a 20-year-old male student was parked on the north side of the University Village Parking Lot when a 20-year-old female student backed out of her parking spot at the same time as him, hitting the side of his vehicle and causing moderate damage.

At 12:20 p.m. March 31, a 21-year-old female student reported that a vehicle had pulled out in front of her in J-2 Lot, hitting her and causing damage to the side of her car.