Presentation shares Pakistani culture with student body

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As part of the International Student Club, guest students Tayyaba Chaudhary and Dileep Krishna conducted an informative presentation about Pakistan, their home country, on Tuesday, Nov. 28, at 10 p.m.

Throughout the semester, international students have the opportunity to give a presentation on their home countries to expand the knowledge the SVSU community has about other countries.

The presentation informed the attendees about Pakistani food, dress, daily life and much more. The presentation also showed many unique facts about the country.

“Iman, Ittihad, Nazm,” the slogan of the country of Pakistan, which can be translated to “Faith, Unity, Discipline,” was also noted in the presentation.

Additionally, the presentation displayed an aspect of cultural immersion, as the attendees were asked to stand to honor the Pakistani national anthem prior to the beginning of the presentation. Following the presentation, there was the opportunity to get your name written in Urdu and Sindhi.

While the information presented showed many things that are unique to Pakistan, there were also aspects Pakistan shares with the United States that were highlighted.

“There is a lot that we share in common,” Chaudhary said. “We have Subway, McDonald’s, common clothing such as t-shirts and jeans, malls, educational institutions, advanced technologies and industries and much more.”

The presentation provided the attendees with new information about Pakistan and allowed the presenters to share their country with those that attended.

Prior to viewing the presentation, there are many things that individuals did not previously know about Pakistan.

“I didn’t know that much about Pakistan, but this presentation gave me an insight to the country and the power and achievements it has received,” said Hasna El Asri, a guest student from Morocco. “I learned that they are more of a modern country. We used to know that it was a very traditional country, but now I know much more than what’s shown in movies.”