Relaxation Night gives students chance to chill before exams

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Students attempted to wind down in anticipation of incoming final exams on Friday, Dec. 8.

Relaxation Night, a biannual event hosted by Student Wellness Program (SWP), is comprised of many activities that help students de-stress during one of the more taxing times of year. Attendees were encouraged to partake in a variety of events, including coloring, board games, live comedy sets, karaoke and sessions with a meditation professional who garnered serious interest from the room.

The TSAR was buzzing with conversation as people continued to pour in, their numbers contributing to the desired casual and friendly atmosphere.

“Our attendance always surprises me,” said Cierra Hessbrook, SWP Wellness Intern. “Given the time of year, you sometimes wonder how many people will actually show up, but this is pretty much what we have come to expect.”

Multiple tables were filled to full capacity throughout the whole night. One of the more frequented portions was the DIY stress ball station, which allowed guests to fill a balloon with putty and take it home for exam week.

“This stress ball table is great,” said freshman attendee Mason Hooker. “It feels like it’s actually working.”

Along with the seemingly endless cycle of entertainment, guests were further motivated to put aside their worries and stay throughout the entirety of the event with the promise of free food and drinks. Members of the planning committee appeared to particularly enjoy this aspect, as they were able to take a break from the arduous preparation process and kick back with fellow Cardinals.

“The only station I have been to so far is the hot chocolate table,” Hessbrook said. “But I plan on taking advantage of the photo booth and other activities later in the night.”

While this is one of SWP’s more anticipated undertakings, it is far from the only one. SWP is committed to limiting test anxiety all year around, giving small but useful tips and tricks that will help their peers study more efficiently and stress free.

“Need an energy boost while studying? Eat an apple,” says the organization’s Facebook page. “It will offer more energy than a cup of black coffee.”

Guests appeared rather optimistic about the organizations impact on campus and future prospects.

“Everyone I have met here looks like they are having a great time,” Hooker said “I can for sure see myself coming back next year.”

Staff also seemed to echo this sentiment, as they hinted at the continued success of Relaxation Night.

“We are definitely looking forward to putting this on again when the end of next semester rolls around,” Hessbrook said. “I don’t see it stopping anytime soon.”