SA plans to put new twist on past events

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While most SVSU students are just now settling in and preparing for the new academic year, Student Association (SA) has been busy planning and coordinating events for the year.

“The major events that will be happening this year are Battle of the Valleys and the Cardinal Ball,” SA President Lauren Kreiss said. “The BOV kickoff party will start on Sept. 24 and the fundraiser event will end by Sept. 29. The winner for BOV will be announced during the football game at GVSU.”

SA has been planning for the winter semester, too.

“In the winter semester, the major event will be the Cardinal Ball. McKenna Ciner, the Campus Events director, has already started planning for the ball,” Kreiss said. “It should be another smashing event.”

A few other SA events will be returning as well.

“Most of the SA events that happened last year will be happening again,” said Nolan Twardy, SA’s interim allocations director. “We plan to have our football game tailgates, our annual BOV events as well as our big Cardinal Ball in the winter.”

Another returning SA project will be Nightline, a nighttime bussing service that allows SVSU students to be transported to popular locations around Saginaw.

“The Nightline is returning because it benefits students by providing a safe means of transportation, at no cost” Kreiss said.

SA also plans to add a few new events this year.

“Some new events that we are having this year include a huge bowling fundraiser at Stardust and a Kickoff Cookout to begin BOV Sunday in the Courtyard,” Twardy said.

Although many of the events SA plans to host are the same as years’ past, the new president has set new goals for the organization.

“My main goal for this year is to have members of Student Association be more transparent at events,” Kreiss said. “This means to have more of a representation at RSO events, sporting events, interacting with exchange students and overall being able to interact with students outside of their inner-circle.”

Applications for being a representative for SA open Aug. 28 and will close on Sept. 7.

Students are also encouraged to voice their concerns.

“I would like students to know that we are here to hear their concerns and comments,” Twardy said. “All SA committee meetings and house meetings, as well as our office in Doan 103, are open to the public, and we highly encourage attendance.”