‘Stress Less’ week to begin

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Stress Less week has begun as the Fall 2015 semester comes to a close for students.

All events are free for students, although some events may require their student ID.

“These events are great at getting students out to have some fun while they wrap up the semester and get things done,” said Director of Student Wellness Programs Andrea Hamlin.

The week kicks off Monday, Dec. 7, with Coffee House Series at 8 p.m. in the Thompson Student Activities Room (TSAR).
On Tuesday, Dec. 8, a “Painting with a Twist” event is being hosted in Student Life.

The events of Stress Less week have been a few months in the making for organizations like Active Minds.

It was important to members of the organization that there would be a movie night for students to unwind from the stress of finals week and to have a fun night with their fellow classmates.

Two showings of the Adam Sandler movie “Happy Gilmore” will be presented on Wednesday, Dec. 8, at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m.

The event will be hosted in Curtiss Hall’s Alumni Lounge. In the time between film showings, students are invited to partake in laughing yoga with Campus Recreation yoga instructor Carrie Lusty at the Ryder Center.

“We (at Active Minds) have always done stuff that was stress-related when its coming up to finals,” said Active Minds President Hailey Richards. “I hope that (students) can get rid of their stress before finals and get some laughs in, spend some time with friends.”

Wednesday, Dec. 9, includes giant bubble soccer and bowling in the Ryder Center Fieldhouse from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Hamlin suggested that students should keep in mind that an active body is an active mind and that physical activity is like brushing your teeth; it should be kept in your routine.

Candle-lit yoga is being held in Room 244 at the Ryder Center at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 10.

“We have had this event the last three years; it is just so pretty, nice and relaxing,” Hamlin said.

The lights will be turned down low, with battery operated candles providing a calming environment.

Student organization F.A.S.T. will be holding a “Stress-Free Zone” as a way for students to break from studying. in the Student Life Wedge Lounge 2.

“‘Stress-Free Zone’ is just nothing to do with studying for exams. It’s just anything but that,” said Jennah Mahlon, assistant life skills coach for the F.A.S.T. program.

The general purpose behind “Stress-Free Zone” is to get students to relax before finals and blow off steam with the various games, giveaways, food and and other activities at the event.

“A lot of our students that we work with (in the program) have experienced time in foster care, and that’s kind of a stressful situation,” Mahlon said. “So, we started that for them, and then it just kind of blossomed into ‘Stress-Free Zone’ for everyone around midterms and finals.”

The traditional Relaxation Night will be held on Friday, Dec. 11, in the TSAR from 7 p.m to 10 p.m.

Among the Play-Doh, crafts, coloring, Just Dance, and massages, students will have the opportunity to bring prizes home with them.

“Food for Thought Survival Kits” full of brain-food snacks and stress kits will also be available.

“We have hired five massage therapists this year instead of three to prevent students from getting discouraged by the long wait line,” Hamlin said.

“I always got sick the week after my finals when things slowed down,” Hamlin said. “Taking the time to be proactive and do the things you love and take care of yourself helps prevent that stress overload.”

In the past, the week before final exams has always held a Relaxation Night. Through collaboration between Student Life, Student Association, Program Board, Valley Nights, Campus Recreation, Student Wellness Programs and Active Minds, that night has been extended to cover a week of relaxation techniques.