Student creating broadcasting RSO, bringing ‘Coop’s Corner’ to SVSU

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Communications major Darcy Dunham is working on crafting a student-run television broadcast program at SVSU.

The program, titled “Coop’s Corner,” will be an opportunity for students to gain experience in the field of television broadcast and journalism.

The show will attempt to create and maintain authentic and professional storytelling of happenings at SVSU and other topics. “Coop’s Corner” hopes to follow the format of a late-night show.

“I always wanted to be on TV, either in front of the screen, behind it, or both in certain aspects,” Dunham said. “My studies (at SVSU) have allowed me to really indulge myself into the powers of media and the negative and positive stereotypes it can create.”

“Coop’s Corner” hopes to create an environment that opens a venue for student discussion and highlights the positive aspects of what students can bring to campus.

“I want to create something that will make an impact on SVSU,” Dunham said. “I want students to be able to tell their stories of triumph and hardship.”

Earlier this semester, Dunham conducted a survey gauging what students and faculty would be most interested in seeing from “Coop’s Corner.” The results showed that pop culture, individual/RSO highlights, social issues and SVSU/college-related sports were the most desirable topics for discussion. Those are the types of stories expected to be highlighted most prominently when “Coop’s Corner” gets off the ground.

Thus far, the staff of the program has had multiple students and faculty show their commitment.

Individuals include students Chandler Pawloski as video editor and director and Brionna Patton as one of the hosts and administrator of on-screen talent.

Dan Goodell, video production technology specialist at SVSU, will be joining the team as a tech advisor, and SVSU’s Director of Web Communications Jason Swackhamer will be the director.

“I’m excited to play a small role in taking this student-initiated idea and match it with appropriate university resources and expertise,” Swackhamer said.

One of the challenges faced by Dunham leading up to the launch of “Coop’s Corner” has been gaining student interest in an attempt to make the program as successful as possible.

“I would love to see more students reach out and become a part of this program we are trying to create,” Dunham said. “To overcome this, we are working on flyers and hosting auditions for anchor and on-site interviewer positions.”

“Coop’s Corner” is expected to be filmed in the broadcasting room in the Curtiss IT area.

For those looking for more information, or those who would like to get involved with “Coop’s Corner,” contact Dunham at dtdunham (at)