Super Smash Bros. tournament raises money for charity

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Cardinal Radio and Press Start hosted a Super Smash Bros. tournament in the Student Life Center on Wednesday, Oct. 10, at 4 p.m.

The organizations collaborated to raise money for the Underground Railroad, a resale shop that offers emergency shelter and services to victims of domestic abuse.

Karlie Sherwood, the president of Cardinal Radio, coordinated the event between the two student organizations.

“We wanted to do a charity event, and one of our members brought up the idea,” Sherwood said. “We also wanted to bring together the student organizations for a good cause.”

Brenden Hynes, the public relations coordinator for Cardinal Radio, helped come up with the idea for the event.

“We used to do this kind of thing in my hometown,” Hynes said. “I thought it would be a good idea to raise money. … It’s
a strange power trip, but I have a good team who helped put it all together.”

The event began with gamers paying $10 to register and $5 to use the organizations’ video game consoles.

Many people came with their own consoles and controllers.

When everyone was ready, the organizations set up two consoles per table and assigned two players to each. Before the tournament began, representatives from Cardinal Radio and the Underground Railroad both spoke to thank everyone for their donations.

Players were then assigned based on their familiarity with the game. The tournament style proceeded as winners from each bracket moved on to the next round.

The tournament had four winners, and they each received a percentage of the money raised.

The first place winner, Seth Reed, received 20 percent.

Luke Davila, the second place winner, received 12 percent.

The third and fourth place winners received 5 percent and 3 percent, respectively.

The remaining 60 percent was donated to the Underground Railroad.