SVSU student starts photography business with Ferris State student

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For Ashley Murdock, an SVSU communication senior, and Alicia Kuligowski, a student from Ferris State University, friendship began a business: Simply Authentic Photography.

The business is based around capturing beautiful and authentic memories.

“We photograph anything from newborns to weddings, senior pictures and sorority pictures,” Kuligowski said. “We hope to achieve recognition all over the state of Michigan as friendly photographers with the clients’ best interest and look in mind. I want people to feel confident and comfortable when I hand them the finished image. I want to capture the perfect moment that will last a lifetime.”

The two have been friends since high school and have helped each other grow in their craft. Kuligowski has been a mentor to Murdock within the world of photography.

“Last year, Alicia started a business of her own as I was learning from her,” Murdock said. “As I began to gain confidence and get better myself, she asked if we wanted to work together, and after thinking of a name for what seemed like forever, we decided upon Simply Authentic.”

Photography is something that most people utilize every day, especially with the popularization of Snapchat and Instagram. However, their photography business is unique in the care and work that goes into each picture. Murdock’s favorite aspect of photography is capturing beauty.

“It fills my heart when people see pictures of themselves and smile rather than critique every detail,” Murdock said. “I love giving people something that helps make their self-confidence grow.”

Kuligowski loves being able to help clients feel that they are truly beautiful.

“It is a rewarding feeling to not only capture someone’s beauty but capture a beautiful moment as well,” Kuligowski said.

There have been a few problems with starting the business, such as getting people to recognize the business.

Even though gaining clients has been slow, Kuligowski still believes they have done so successfully.

Murdock and Kuligowski enjoy the opportunity to make memories both for their clients and themselves in their new business.