Best Nest contest gives students chance to win housing discount

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The offices of Housing, Residential Life and University Communications have come to­gether to put on a contest in which students share pictures of their residential living spac­es.

The contest begins Monday, Nov. 5, and will end on Sunday, Nov. 11.

To enter, students must post pictures of their living area on any social media plat­form and add the hashtag #SVSUBestNest to the caption.

The contest is specifically for on-campus residents, but off-campus students can take part in the voting process. University Village and Pine Grove are included in those eligible to participate.

“The SVSU Best Nest contest is a way for SVSU to celebrate how our residence halls were recently ranked number one in the U.S.,” said commw1ication specialist Justin Engel. “Our residential students also pro­vide a foundation for that on-campus cul­ture.”

A group of winners will be selected on Sat­urday by a panel of SVSU staff and students. The finalists’ pictures will be posted on SV­SU’s Facebook page from Nov. 13 to Nov. 16. The top two pictures that get the most likes and shares will receive prizes.

The first-place winner will receive hous­ing benefits for next year. They will be given first-choice in room assignment for avail­able bed space and receive a $200 discount applied to next year’s housing contract pre­payment.

They will also receive four large pizzas and four 2-liter sodas delivered by Coop and Homecoming King and Queen Tyler Boylen and Kayla Flintoft.

The second-place winner will receive a $50 Barnes & Noble gift card and $50 in declin­ing balance for Fall 2019.

“Housing Operations and Residential Life want current residents to start thinking about re-contracting for Fall 2019 and Winter 2020,” said Director of Auxiliary Operations Dawn Iseler. “Housing Operations is com­mitted to providing safe, convenient and ef­ficient use of our facilities and services.”