Students will get transportation to polls, enjoy election watch party

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The Center for Community Engagement is hosting an election day party that will in­clude rides to the polls, information on vot­ing and a watch party on Tuesday, Nov. 6 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

There will be events throughout the day that will inform students about the ballot and election details. Students can come and go for the services throughout the day, and there will be a free pizza party at noon.

“There will be food, fun and games,” said Riley Hupfer, the assistant director of the Center for Community Engagement. “There will be handouts and information specific to election-related questions, and if people wanted to check their polling place, they can do that there as well.”

The center will offer free transportation to the polls for students registered to vote with their on-campus address and information about other transportation options for commuters.

“We’re going to offer transportation op­tions for students who registered to vote with their on-campus address to vote at Kochville Township Veteran’s hall,” Hupfer said. “We have information on STARS, who are offer­ing transport to voters to all Saginaw polling locations. And then we have free codes for Uber and Lyft for voters.”

After the election, Student Association will host a watch party in the Unity Room, which will include food and an opportuni­ty to see election results emerge with other students.

Students can check their polling location and view a sample ballot at / vote. The election protection hotline is 866- 687-8683, which can be used to ask questions about where to vote, what type of ID may be needed, how late polling locations are open and voter registration status.

Anyone can also text “OUR VOTE” to 97779 to be connected with a volunteer who can help answer questions about voting.