Vanguard staff talk about why they’re looking forward to break

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Hannah Beach:

It’s impossible to choose just one thing I am looking forward to over winter break. I’m looking forward to a reprieve from school anxiety, cuddling with my cat, being a couch potato. I’ll finally be able to spend hours working on my stories without feeling guilty, knowing I should be doing homework or studying. I’ll have time to fill out my application to study abroad and to do all the other things I’ve been putting off for months. I’ll get to see my relatives and spend a wild Christmas evening with them, swapping gifts and eating too much food and playing games that come close to ruining relationships. I just can’t wait
to go home, where everything is familiar and distinctly “country,” where I can perform a one-woman concert of “Les Mis” or “Wicked” without a neighbor thinking someone’s dying, where the water pressure is weak but the love is strong.

Maria Ranger:

The thing that I’m most looking forward to when I go home for Christmas break is seeing my dog, Sherlock. Last year, when my grandma died, my grandpa asked my family if we’d like to take the dog since he doesn’t like animals, and we did. He’s the cutest and sweetest shih tzu. Because his legs are so short, we put him in a little sweater with a moose or a U-M jersey to protect his belly from getting wet and snowy when we take him outside in winter. He’s so curious, and he loves to play outside and chase after our meatball- shaped cat, Katie. My brother and I love to sing that Vine to him that goes, “I want to see my little boy, here he comes!” He’s also a very cuddly and sweet boy. There’s no one better to curl up with and binge “Parks and Rec” with than Sherlock. He always finds a way to make me smile, which is why I’m so excited to see him.

Taylor Stockton:

This winter break, I am most looking forward to going on vacation. Yes, I am one of those few privileged students that everyone hates because I get to escape the cold during winter break. I will miss all of the snow while I spend my winter break in Key West. I will miss scraping the ice off of my windshield as I bike around the island in my flip-flops and shorts. I will miss putting on 10 layers of coats to feel warm as I sit by the beach. But most of all, I will miss having a Christmas tree. In all seriousness, I won’t be decorating a Christmas tree this year because I will be spending Christmas in Florida. But it’s a small price to pay. See you all next semester, suckers.

Melissa Vennix:

I am excited to have a little more free time over the winter break. I have not had any free time since the semester started, so I am looking forward to having time to focus on doing things that I enjoy and working extra hours. I plan on using my time to sew Christmas gifts for my loved ones and read a few books I’ve been trying to get to as well.

I have so many sewing projects and books piled up that I need to get to this break. I want to use my free time to be productive, even though I won’t have studying to do. Breaks are necessary for students to unwind and find time for themselves. Even though I don’t plan on looking at a textbook for the entire break, my goal overall is to use my free time for good, like getting things done that I put off during the semester.

Abby Welsh:

There are definitely a bunch of things I am looking forward to while on break: first and foremost, home cooked meals. I have grown increasingly tired of the Marketplace and buying my own groceries. I can’t wait to sit down to a plate of roast and carrots rather than a bowl of mac and cheese. Second, I am looking forward to seeing my family.

I rarely ever go home, so seeing them is a big deal. They all get excited when I come home. Third, I get to work. I get to have a steady income. I miss getting big paychecks every week. It’ll be nice to have some extra money when I come back to school. Fourth, my bed. My mattress pad has been OK, but nothing beats my warm bed, and I can sleep in it without having someone in the room with me. Last but not least: no homework. I can do what I want without having to stress about papers and due dates.