Victoria’s Secret has the right to choose its models

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There has been major controversy over Victoria’s Secret for the past couple weeks over their announcement of eligible fashion show models: They do not accept plus-size models or transgender women. While I advocate equality for all, I can’t help but see their side of the story.

Victoria’s Secret is known worldwide, I’m sure, but they have recently been getting a ton of backlash on social media platforms, such as Twitter. YouTube stars have expressed outrage. People have been posting their pictures in response to the statement. But Victoria’s Secret has a right to brand how they want.

Let’s start with the plus-size claim. In all of the years I have seen the fashion show, there has never been anyone plus-size. It didn’t need to be spoken to be known, but now that they have brought attention to it, it’s an outrage.

There are brands that market themselves toward plus-size women, like Torrid. Torrid sells plus-size clothing, no petite clothing. And that is OK. No one bats an eye. But as soon as Victoria’s Secret comes to terms with who they market to, it isn’t OK.

I was speaking with a plus-size friend who was outraged by Victoria’s Secret. She said, “They don’t even have a bra in my size.”

So that leaves me wondering: If you know they don’t market to you, why
are you upset they said so? It wasn’t a secret before, and it isn’t a secret now. Companies have a right to brand just like any other, and if they wish their customers to be a certain cup size, so to speak, then that is their decision. There are plenty of other companies that brand to certain body sizes, and no one complains about it.

While it would be wonderful to see more sizes in Victoria’s Secret, this is how they have always been.

Next up, trans women. I am all about being who you want to be. But just because you are a woman now doesn’t mean you are granted the right to be a model.

The reason I say this is because I watched YouTuber Gigi Gorgeous’s video response to this. She said it stands for everything girly and feminine. Although I believe trans women are also women, I feel Victoria’s Secret is looking more for women who have always been so. Some girls work hard to become models, so I feel like being trans does not just grant this magical wish.

Either that or they want their models to be more natural, and to be trans includes surgeries and reconstruction. I feel the fashion show is not for telling stories, but more just blatantly showing their clothing items.

Also, this is a harsh reality, but a majority of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show viewers are men – straight men who want to see models in lingerie. There was a quote said about excluding trans women because the show is a “fantasy.” Unfortunately, it is kind of true. Men like to see this stuff without having to question any aspect of it. It is cheap entertainment for them.

It’s not like Victoria’s Secret is completely against trans women. They just have a brand they wish to maintain.

It is unfortunate, but nonetheless, they are pretty basic in just modeling their line and not having much diversity. This way, it is easier to keep the models they have, and they don’t lose viewers and supporters. The sad fact is that Victoria’s Secret does not want to take a risk in fear of losing money.

Trans women has also been taking on the world in many, many other ways. They are becoming more and more accepted as time goes on. I feel like the Victoria’s Secret backlash is unnecessary. It is just a company. There are plenty more brands out there for a trans woman.

If you don’t agree with Victoria’s Secret, it isn’t hard to stop shopping there. They choose to maintain a certain outlook and have made it clear.

Plus-size and trans women are making big impacts in today’s world, and just because Victoria’s Secret isn’t on board with them doesn’t mean there aren’t still many different supporters out there. I feel like there was a lot of breath wasted on caring about a company who some feel doesn’t care about them.